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Acupuncture Point Names reflecting Deeper Levels of Healing.

Jason Blalack is now operating under the name Open Gate Acupuncture, which better reflects his evolving orientation as an holistic doctor. In short, it is an invitation to open one’s gates, unlocking blockages, leading to greater health, transformation, and growth.

Many ancient acupuncture point names contain the word gate. For example, The Cloud Gate, Spirit Gate, Dark Gate, Inner / Outer Gate, Gate of Abundance, Surging Gate – to name a few. Gates are openings, or relate to opening and closing, and a place where qi (energy) enters and leaves.
Some gates, such as the Uterine Gate, are clear references, e.g. in treating infertility or irregular menses. Wind Gate, treats “wind”, colds & flu. Many though are much deeper in meaning.
For example, Hun Gate, corresponds to the gate of the Hun (the spirit of the Liver / the ethereal soul), and can treat deep psychological and spiritual issues, e.g. depression, long standing resentment, sleep walking and even out of the body experiences. It also helps in life planning, sense of aim in life, life-dreams, and projects. In short, it creates more opening into life and aids in opening of relationships with others. A very deep point.

All dis-ease, to a certain extent, is from incorrect flow and / or a lack of flow – from  physical, mental / emotional, or spiritual influence. Accessing these gates can aid in the recovery of correct flow of qi and bring awareness to the subtleties of disharmony of our being. And in the end more alignment with one’s true nature / path.

logo_web h_150 footer _ white backgroundI believe on a fundamental level we all want to be open, and that corresponds to a free flow of qi. Opening- dissolves blockages. Done with awareness and attention, this translates to connection, a lack of separateness with others and our environment. Openness allows us to see ‘truth’ and removes us from our mind’s stories, which perpetuates otherness.

Hence I chose the name Open Gate to better represent a deeper level of healing, versus only eliminating the a chief symptom. That is, what is underneath, their chronic insomnia, fatigue, or even chronic back pain?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience around this idea, if you want to share at: Contact us

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