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  1. Telemedicine Update

  2. New Arrival of Herbs and Supplements

  3. Quick Health Tips

Because of the current strict guidelines, I am not able to see in-person clients until sometime in April. I will continue to do TeleMed / phone sessions specific for COVID-19 prevention / treatment & all the internal medicine disorders that I normally treat. NOTE: Although there are many preventative strategies, an individualized approach supporting your constitution is the best foundation you can have. Take your Chinese herbs!

Because of the current critical situation I am temporarily lowering my fees by 50%. I am planning on charging $30 per 15 minutes. New clients usually require 30-60 minutes.

I appreciate spreading the word about my TeleMed practice as I have extensive experience in respiratory disorders and flu and writing individualized formulas, as I want to help the community as much as I can.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Preventative Herbal Formula from the China hospitals
is back in stock Early Next week.
Please pre-order now. Supplies are once again limited. 

Core IMMUNE supplements that I just came in today, let me know as soon as possible what you are interested in.

  1. Duanwood Reishi Mushroom liquid extract!
  2. Large selection of strain specific probiotics.
  3. Galactoimmune (prebiotic)
  4. Vitamin D3
  5. Zinc
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Whole Food Multivitamin (Women, Men, Men 40+, Women 40+)
  8. Liquid Silver

* Please watch these videos on the VIRUS here.

Quick Tip #1:
If you are taking Zinc every day, consider adding in copper. Low copper, for example, can lead to anemia. Also for a healthy immune system a solid multivitamin is helpful, which usually has zinc and copper in a good ratio.

Quick Tip #2:
The treatment for Corona is dramatically different than your prevention approach. See the below video. Please call ASAP if you are start to have symptoms.

Quick Tip #3:
If you have a preexisting respiratory condition such as asthma, chronic cough, COPD, it is advised to isolate for 12 weeks. I highly advice supporting your Lungs very proactively right now before potentially getting exposed. Please reach out if you need help, it is a speciality of mine.

Quick Tip #4
Experts predict this is just the beginning in the Unites States. Please make smart choices NOW for yourself and your family. Be proactive and stay inside.

Consider using this time for connecting with Loved ones and YOURSELF,
and doing things you have not have had time to do.
This is a rare opportunity!
You Are So Loved!

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