Transformational Guidance is about helping you be more present with your whole being. This integration is a Heart-centered approach to healing and awakening transformation in consciousness, our life, and ultimately reduces our suffering.

Identifying and Removing Blockages:

Transformation occurs when we remove blockages, which can be identified by observing the mind (how we relate to reality), emotions, energetic imprints, and our physical discomforts. Our blockages are root causes of our disharmony and dissolving them is the key to gaining better vitality, health, and well-being. Quite simply where energy (or Qi) flows (no blockage) there is health. When in flow, we are in flow with life (without resistance) and in alignment with out life purpose.

Since our body, mind, and spirit are one and the same, blockages in one area (e.g. mental / emotional) can lead to physical problems. For example, one’s anxiety might result in a digestive disorder, or PMS, and our anxiety might be from a non-integrated part of our self or a incorrect belief we are holding.  Another example, our chronic neck pain, may be related to our inability to accept an aspect of our life which creates stagnation on a physical level (pain), life level (stuck in a job), and related to our mental level of not accepting something (e.g. a death of a pet).

Since as we see, all levels are intertwined, we have a opportunity to effect one area of concern with another. For example, bringing awareness to a place of emotional stagnation can treat a blockage in the physical (GI issue) or visa versa.

Heart-Centered Approach to Healing

Transformation occurs when we bring awareness or love into the places of difficulty through our Heart. Heart-love energy welcomes all aspects of our being, even the places we do not like or do not want to feel, sometimes very dark thoughts, emotions, or pain. This is counter intuitive to many. Most often, when we, for example, feel anxiety we want it to leave. However our body is wise, and there a reason for this anxiety. When we can be curious about it, welcome it with Love, and honor it’s role in our body, we can learn the deeper wisdom that it might be wanting to show us.

Thus we want to be present with our blockages in a way that does not make the wrong, and simply allows them to become conscious and consequently has a less grip / effect on us. Being in our Heart is residing in Love. Love does not judge, make wrong, or have an agenda. From this place we see that blockages are serving a purpose. We also notice that they are not needed because they are essentially protective defenses so we don’t have to feel something. We hold the pain with Love, and we transform our pattern’s of defense which are contributing to our suffering / discomforts.

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