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Headaches are a fairly common complaint that Chinese medicine can treat relatively effectively. Chinese Medicine differentiates headaches into about 10 different types. Your treatment depends are your constitution, severity, length of time you have suffered from the problem, and the Chinese Medical differentiation. This approach aims at uncovering the source of the headache and correcting it versus just finding a solution to stop the pain once it has occurred. There are though many people that specifically call when they are getting a headache, because acupuncture can greatly ameliorate such a situation once it has occurred.

More importantly , though, is to correct the problem. There are many that have come in with chronic headaches / migraines that no longer have the problem or the severity and frequency is greatly diminished.


Jason Blalack has been astounding in the conditions he has been able to turn around, when no other practitioners have been unable to do anything with them. He is creative, broad in his knowledge across several fields, and a real problem solver. He knows what he is doing, and seems to have a deep vision into the body. For instance: • After spending many months working with other practitioners to try to release my seemingly permanent(1.5 years), painful cramp in my quadrates lumborum, I asked Jason (who was working at the time on other things) to see if he could release it. He put one needle in it, it released immediately and permanently. • After my total knee replacement I became aware that a lifetime habit of letting my knee fall inward as I walked, and it caused a lot of pain. I worked with physical therapists extensively, but none of them had a handle on it. The first time I mentioned this to Jason, he took one look at the leg and identified for himself the pattern, and which muscles to deal with. The muscles rearranged miraculously, and the next day the leg was pretty much straight, my walk completely changed to an open, balanced, stress-free and comfortable state in walking, functioning for the first time as I thought it should. I was using totally different sets of muscles when I walked. It was a major structural change after 80 years of moving incorrectly, and I am very excited about it. • Jason has been brilliant in targeting alternative supplements to my specific muscle challenges. No one else has even approached this. He is very astute at what he suggests. My entire condition has changed from these insights. • He has also been very effective at healing challenging viral respiratory conditions. -Lorraine K. five-star (Google) Dec. 1, 2018

Jeffrey M. Jason is an outstanding acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner! He was very helpful for my headaches. After 3 or 4 treatments and some Chinese Herbs I was good to go. Highly recommended you check him out for pain relief. –Jeffrey M. five-star (yelp) 3/21/2017

“I have seen Jason for many years for the treatment of arthritis and various other complaints. Throughout, Jason has been compassionate and thorough, always going the extra mile to ensure that his treatments were procuring the best possible results for my conditions.

Ten years ago, a doctor told me I would be looking at knee replacements by now, which is not the case. I am still working out daily with little pain. I attribute my current well-being to Jason’s expertise administering Chinese herbs and acupuncture. He has made many trips to China to study with acclaimed Eastern doctors, and kindly shares the extensive knowledge of Eastern medicine that he has acquired, much to the benefit all who are under his care. Five stars!! – Annie G. five-star (2014)

I came to see Jason for several reasons; digestive issues and shoulder surgery. He was very professional, listens well, and is keenly interested in helping people feel better. I greatly benefitted from his care. -Stephanie Wallacefive-star (google) 2014

Jason definitely knows the body and how you can apply acupuncture for healing. Excellent in shoulder knowledge – he’s helped many of my friends as well as myself. I’ve been going to him for 8 years. -Michelle K five-star  (google) 2014

“I developed severe neck pain, with muscle spasms in the neck, and pain and numbness down my left arm. MRI confirmed a nerve compression. After trials of medication and a course of physical therapy, I was no better, so I thought I would try acupuncture with Jason before taking steroids or having a steroid injection. Within 1-2 treatments, the muscle spasms went away, and the pain and numbness down my arm went away. This has now been 2 years, and with continued treatment, it has not come back. -Ken E. five-star Dec 14, 2014

Acupuncture really works at moving energy in the body. Jason works with sensitivity, humor, and patience. His focus on trying to help the body heal is holistic. Effective treatment without being invasive. I am hopeful an ongoing problem with plantar fascists and pain in ankle, can be resolved so I can become physically active again. -E.S. five-star Sep 19, 2014

Jason definitely knows the body and how you can apply acupuncture for healing. Excellent in shoulder knowledge – he’s helped many of my friends as well as myself. – Michele K. five-star Mar 18, 2014

“Jason is excellent at what he does. He’s compassionate and very knowledgeable. I went to see him for liver problems, migraines, and menstrual problems. My biggest issue were the horrible migraines that I’ve been suffering with for years. I was looking for relief without pain killers and couldn’t be more happy with the results of Jason’s treatments. The acupuncture and herbs got my body back on track and pretty much eliminated my migraines! I highly recommend him. He’s the best acupuncturist I’ve been to and his prices are very reasonable. -Maynardfan A. five-star  (google) 2014
“I was suffering from acute pain in the area of my upper back and shoulder blades due to repetitive motion injuries caused by using a computer mouse for 30 years. The pain was sharp and intense, and was not responding to the Western techniques and medication I had tried, such as narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. Sometimes I would feel better, but the feeling was short-lived. I was able to get relief from Kate Blalack with a combination of acupuncture, cups and Chinese herbs. She did wonders for me. It has been a few years since my treatments, and even though I haven’t seen her since then, I am still pain-free.
Previous to the above issue, I had problems with lower back pain and spasms, and Jason was able to treat those symptoms successfully. Again, it has been many years since I received treatment from him, and I have not been bothered with lower back spasms since. Jason is very professional, yet friendly and a delight to talk to. I recommend Jason without reservations. -Nor N. five-star (google) 2014

“Jason continues to be someone I trust to resolve my health issues. My current affliction is tension headaches which he resolved during my session and based on previous afflictions I know he will permanently resolve. –Gretchen P. 5stars Sep 5, 2014

“I have been seeing Jason Blalack for several years for a variety of complaints including insomnia, arthritis, and depression. Instead of the knee replacement the western medical world predicted I would need by now, I am still hiking, biking and active, and I haven’t been on antidepressants in years…I much prefer taking the Chinese herbs Jason gives me. Thank you Jason! -Anne G. five-star May 29, 2013

“Jason has a mastery of acupuncture that places him at the top of his profession. He listens to my health concerns and applies his prowess. He has helped me with ongoing digestive concerns as well as numerous aches and pains due to repetitive motions. He is thorough and consistent in his gathering of information and implementation of the appropriate method of treatment. -Melanie5starsApr 9, 2014

“The first Acupuncture treatment Jason Blalack performed resulted in reducing pain in my back and my shoulders. Both of the later are badly damaged. What a relief to be able to start walking normally, and to reach items on high shelves. The need for continuing treatments is obvious. -Connie Robertson5starsNov 4, 2013

“Jason has worked with my 11 year old daughter for several months. He has connected many dots and helped with significant pain issues in a way that Western medicine was unable to. Jason has always treated my daughter with respect–he values her input and honors her limits. Highly recommend! -Z.H. 5starsNov 8, 2012

“Very professional with calming bed side manner. Highly skilled and able to communicate diagnosis and treatment plan to the patient. Provided instant relief from Psoriatic Arthritis joint pain. Only slight inconvenience is that insurance filing is left up to the patient. Highly recommend Jason to all. -J.S. 5starsOct 13, 2011

I suffered for many hears from migraine headaches. After exhausting all conventional medicine and diagnostic testing I turned to acupuncture and Chinese medicine administered by Jason Blalack of Chautauqua Health in Boulder, Colorado. My headaches were of such a nature that when the headache came on I would get great pain in my neck and shoulders. The pain began to interfere with activities of daily life. I tried physical therapy and relaxation medications with no help. Narcotic pain medication would blur the pain but not really relieve the migraines. The new Imitrex type medication were not compatible with my high blood pressure.

Jason was able to relieve my neck and shoulder pain in the very first treatment. He also gave me a tea mixture, which I took and with time and additional acupcunture treatments I was able to completely be free of the debilitating migraines. Today I will occasionally begin to get a migraine but I am able to relieve it with relaxation and ibuprofen. If I occasionally get the neck and shoulder pain a quick trip for a tune up with my wonderful acupuncture therapist will make me comfortable and happy. There are a lot of good therapists but Jason has a great knowledge of both Western medicine and Chinese medicine making him very good at his profession. He is a good listener and thus a good diagnostician. I would recommend Jason to anyone who is frustrated with his or her current treatment and is suffering from a chronic problem.

I am an RN whose father and grandfather were physicians. I feel that Western medicine can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Chinese herbal medication and acupuncture.
-Judie Bevacqua RN

I woke up one morning around 4:00am with a splitting headache. I went in for an acupuncture appointment that afternoon. My headache had not gotten any better and I was feeling quite uncomfortable. After about 20 minutes of acupuncture my headache went from a 7/10 (?) to a 1/10 (?). After I left the office it was gone. It has been two weeks and it has not returned. I am so thankful there are solutions out there that don’t require taking drugs.


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