Masses / Fibroids: 

Fibroids and cysts are also quite common in our population and cause symptoms ranging from severe pain to break through bleeding and even infertility. Since infertility is a common condition seen, such issues are regularly resolved for healthy conception. Even if not wanting to conceive, shrinking a mass, as you may imagine, is only a good thing. The chance of success in dealing with a fibroid is directly proportional to its size. The larger the mass the harder and more time it takes to shrink it. Nonetheless, Chinese medicine offers an incredibly effective alternative to modern Western approach of surgery. As mentioned above in regard to menstruation, treating the pattern that has caused the mass in the first place, brings the added benefit of dealing with a pattern that may be causing other problems. Even though I have successfully shrunk down masses to a point where there were barely detectable, and the accompanied symptoms have been eliminated (i.e. bleeding), writing this brings to mind a patient that I just start working with. I started working with her two months ago. We have expected that with the size of her mass it will take around 6 months for a notable change. Therefore we plan for another ultrasound at that point in time. In the meantime, she just recently came in and reported a noticeable increase in her mood (more positive, less snappy, and just generally enjoying life more), she is sleeping better and less pain with menstruation. This in my experience is quite common, because as mentioned above, the body is related and multiple symptoms will be caused by a common imbalance (See figure 1.)

For a brief blurb where Jason was written up for the treatment of Fibroids with Chinese medicine, acupuncture (Alternative Medicine Magazine 2006).


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