Allergy, Skin, Dermatology Testimonials

I’ve suffered with allergies for years and don’t anymore thanks to Jason’s masterful works with Chinese medicine. He has also helped me through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs with numerous other physical ailments. I Highly recommend them for any issue under the sun. -Hunter O. five-star(google) 2014

“I saw Jason for a very rare skin disease that caused inflammation throughout my entire body. Jason’s knowledge of the body, how it works and his deep understanding of Chinese medicinal herbs that can heal, support and strengthen the body helped me get to remission much faster than many individuals that are afflicted with the disease. Jason was also able to address g.i. issues that have plagued me for years. I feel fortunate to have been under his care. -Erin M. five-star (google) 2014

“Jason has been an incredible physician for our entire family. He always makes time to fit us in when we have something urgent and he is incredible at treating whatever we have going on: from skin conditions, to respiratory challenges, allergies, detoxing needs, singers throat issues, and more. His herbal formulas feel wonderful and always seem to really hit the mark. Jason has a wonderful capacity to listen, not only to his knowledge, but to his intuition and the patient’s body. Thank you! -Carrie F. five-star Mar 30, 2015

“Jason has been working with me for a while now to discover what’s causing some health issues. He mentioned to me about how I should consider altering my diet and doing a cleanse. I hemmed and hawed for a while and finally gave in. After 3 weeks of a cleanse and cutting out 5 food intolerances – my allergies and asthma symptoms have completely disappeared! This guy knows what he’s talking about!! And he has a great bedside manner! :0) –L.A.five-starApr 7, 2012

“I recently moved to Boulder and with the recommendation of my son decided to make an appointment to see Jason for a skin condition that caused relentless itching for the previous 3 months. This was the first time that I had received acupuncture or oriental medicine as a treatment for any condition.  The experience was awesome and the results were even better than I could have hoped for.  Not only did Jason focus on my physical symptoms of hives and itching, but addressed several other things that I had been dealing with emotionally and I am so pleased with the results in several aspects of my overall health and well being.  He has helped me in a very short amount of time and I highly recommend Jason to anyone especially to those who have not had success with western medicine. -Monica K. five-star(yelp) 11/22/2015

“I originally came to Good Earth (now Open Gate) in 2009 after suffering from recurring skin infections (boils) for about a year; my regular docs would prescribe antibiotics, I would heal and a couple of months later I would again be subjected to a new round of (truly disgusting and painful) boils. After a year of this, I felt desperate. I had never experienced Chinese medicine before, but I felt like the antibiotics were making me weaker – I felt and looked 10 years older – and certainly not solving the problem. A google search led me to Good Earth (now Open Gate).
Jason was FANTASTIC. He prescribed some temporary dietary changes, herbal medicine and did acupuncture, and after a couple of months, that was that. No more boils, no more antibiotics, I was back to my normal health. I was also advised on some more long-term dietary changes that would benefit me in the long run (but with zero pressure).
The best part, however, is that I really feel that the patient-doctor relationship at Good Earth is very dynamic and organic; there is so much care and attention given to you, the patient, and your needs and wants. I’ve since been back for a few other minor issues, and I’ve seen both Kate and Jason. I can’t speak highly enough of both of them. They are both remarkable listeners, they are bright, compassionate and highly talented healers. -Momo O. five-star (yelp) 3/3/2015

“I was referred to the office by another patient and had heard really positive things before arriving. At my appointment I felt like Jason addressed the problem comprehensively and systematically and I experienced almost immediate relief with a case of hives. I was very comforted being in the office and felt like my concerns were heard and considered. -Cece five-starAug 6, 2012

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