Adrenal fatigue / exhaustion is very common in today’s time. It is often a secondary occurrence due to a number of possible primary causes, for example, gastrointestinal imbalances, liver detoxification issues, food sensitivities, thyroid dysfunction, overwork, pathogenic organism (such as bacteria or viruses), envirmonenrtal toxins / heavy metals, psychological stress, etc. Thus determining the root cause of the adrenal fatigue is essential. Chinese medicine and functional medicine are incredible tools for dealing with adrenal fatigue. Having previously severely suffered myself I understand this condition well. Thus adrenal issues and various forms of fatigue have been an ongoing interest of mine for over 20 years, and consequently I have worked with 100s of patient now with adrenal issues.

Directly looking at the adrenal function via saliva testing is also helpful in getting the correct treatment. Cost is around $100. There are multiple markers measured but the primary adrenal gland hormones of cortisol and DHEA are what determine which of the seven stages you are in. Each stage has its own specific treatments. Treating the adrenal directly can help you feel better quicker in the short term, while the root caused is simultaneously addressed.


Liana Pomeroy, 2015 five-star (google) 

Jason Blalack is simply amazing! After years of trying to figure out what was going on with my health, Jason was the first doctor – Eastern or Western – to make a significant impact – he was able to diagnose my adrenal burnout and digestive issues and with a combination of Chinese herbs, gentle and almost painless needles (I’m extremely wimpy and was pleasantly surprised at how much they do not hurt), and a change in diet, Jason took me from exhaustion to health in less than a year after years and years of searching for the right cure. If I hadn’t found him, I’m not sure what I would have done. He’s funny, patient, impeccable, precise, and has the best bedside manner. I trust him implicitly.”

Gabriela Vintimilla, 2014 five-star (google)

A few years back I suffered of a notable energetic decay. I felt a strenuous fatigue, I had digestive difficulties, somnolence during the day and at night I suffered of insomnia. Because of this somnolence I put myself and my family in danger a few times while driving a car in the highway. After these incidents I decided to seek medical help, consequently, I went to various doctors of Chinese medicine in Chicago. However, their treatments were ineffective and even they worsened my state of health.

I kept my quest for a doctor in Chinese medicine, basing my search on a physician that was also a researcher. According to that criteria I came across Jason Blalack’s profile and upon reading his cases analysis I was impressed by his ability of diagnosis and the respect he earned from other doctors that have participated in these analysis.

Jason Blalack was accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. After a few days I returned to my country Ecuador and he continued giving me treatment indications despite the distance. The result of his treatment was excellent. Jason Blalack is someone who cares about the patient and his wellbeing and will keep offering his generous help.”


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Open Gate Acupuncture, located in Boulder Colorado, serves patients throughout the Boulder county region including Denver, Longmont, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, & Louisville.

Jason Blalack has been treating patients in Boulder for over 16 years, is an international lecturer on Chinese medicine and has an extensive collection of Chinese medicine articles published in professional journals worldwide. Jason specializes in autoimmune, digestive disorders, fertility, and emotional disorders.

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