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Gut Health

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Reversing Autoimmune

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Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Balancing


Jason Blalack M.S., L.Ac.

  • Practice owner for 16 years in Boulder, Colorado
  • Globally recognized leader in the field of Chinese medicine
  • Specializes in difficult to treat conditions
  • Master herbalist and advanced practitioner of Esoteric Acupuncture
  • Truly holistic approach, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to awaken transformation and to bring back vitality.



  • Jason is a truly gifted healer. I have experienced a great deal of improvement in the short time I have seen him for both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. His ability to explain his thoughts on my condition in terms of both Western and Chinese medicine is not only comforting, but highly educational as well. I recommend him to anyone. You won't find a better advocate for your overall health.

    Patrick Jan. 23, 2010
  • It would be impossible to express my gratitude for Jason’s work, however, I feel it important to comment. I began seeing Jason after starting to experience neurological issues (vertigo and a limp). After several weeks later I was diagnosed with MS. Not only has Jason help me to begin to heal physically, but he also provided a compassionate healing presence that has acted as a necessary antidote to the biomedical lens that this autoimmune disease is often understood. I truly believe this has been the most important thing I have done in addressing the onset of this disease and I encourage others suffering from MS or other autoimmune diseases to consider Open Gate Acupuncture.

    Kelly Graves March 13, 2017
  • Jason has been an incredible physician for our entire family. He always makes time to fit us in when we have something urgent and he is incredible at treating whatever we have going on: from skin conditions, to respiratory challenges, allergies, detoxing needs, singers throat issues, and more. His herbal formulas feel wonderful and always seem to really hit the mark. Jason has a wonderful capacity to listen, not only to his knowledge, but to his intuition and the patient’s body. Thank you!

    Carrie S Fische Mar 30, 2015, Customer since November 2012
  • I have never had a practitioner more dedicated to resolving my health issues. He just doesn’t give up. I have worked with Jason for over a year with the result of great healing of some difficult issues and the promise of more healing on many different levels. Working with Jason has been life changing. Having experienced many different practitioners, he is the best I’ve ever worked with – hands down. – Customer since December 2010

    Maria M Jan 29, 2012, client since December 2010
  • Jason is clearly on the leading edge of chinese medicine. his sound knowledge of and passion for treating people w/this modality, deeply enhances the healing process. in addition, his gentle and caring manner and tremendous professionalism, guides people back towards their full strength. - Customer since 2012 

    B. Cohen Apr 18, 2012
  • I have been dealing with digestive problems for years. I’ve seen many health care providers, including specialized medical doctors. Nothing so far has helped – in fact some of the Western medicine made the condition worse. Jason’s diagnosis from a Chinese perspective was spot on and tied in with other symptoms I had been experiencing. The acupuncture is extremely effective and the herbs he prescribed also make a big difference. After only two visits I feel much, much better.

    Nicole B. Aug. 6, 2013
  • After being sick for months, my husband and I very skeptically went to see Jason Blalack. After the first 3 minutes, we realized that Jason was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and had experience dealing with people who had my condition. His regiment for healing was exactly what I needed. After six months of Jason’s care, I am back to enjoying life again without being sick. Thanks, Jason! – Customer since January 2014

    Marci Hall May 10, 2014

About Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine, which includes both acupuncture and herbal medicine, has been an essential part of Asia’s health care system for more than 2000 years. Jason Blalack is certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist that integrates this ancient wisdom with modern Western research to help heal our contemporary diseases. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can treat a wide assortment of health issues and diseases. Learn more about the health conditions Jason has successfully treated with Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and functional medicine. Jason’s clinic, Open Gate Acupuncture is located in Boulder, Colorado.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is essentially modern alternative Western medicine. It uses the research model of Western medicine but can implement newer findings sometimes years before mainstream MDs adopt it. In addition, functional medicine uses botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements instead of pharmaceuticals.

Most importantly, functional medicine shifts away from a disease-oriented approach and addresses the underlying cause, resulting in a more personalized medicine. It is preventative because it notices imbalances or tendencies far before a disease manifests. Chinese medicine is very similar to this and why I have chosen to integrate the two.

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Open Gate Acupuncture, located in Boulder Colorado, serves patients throughout the Boulder county region including Denver, Longmont, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, & Louisville.

Jason Blalack has been treating patients in Boulder for over 16 years, is an international lecturer on Chinese medicine and has an extensive collection of Chinese medicine articles published in professional journals worldwide. Jason specializes in autoimmune, digestive disorders, fertility, and emotional disorders.

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