Jason Blalack blends ancient tradition, modern research, and deep awareness, to address the mind, body, and spirit in a truly holistic approach fashion, to awaken transformation and to bring back vitality.

His passion for helping people, came from healing himself from an undiagnosable chronic debilitating illness in his early 20’s. Without relief from over 20 doctors and years of suffering, he began his deep study of alternative medicine and focus on the root causes of disease.


  • Digestive Disorders: SIBO, food sensitivities, IBS, microbiome, parasites, Crohn’s
  • Mental / Emotional: anxiety, depression, sleep
  • Autoimmune: celiac, Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis


  • Women’s Disorders: Hormonal, menopause, menstrual irregularities, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, HPV
  • Endocrine Disorders: thyroid, adrenal
  • Dermatology: psoriasis, eczema,  acne, urticaria, contact dermatitis
  • Chronic Fatigue / Infection
  • Detoxification / Toxins / Mold

“I can help you awaken transformation through refined acupuncture and my precise ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs. I will design a personalized treatment designed to help you integrate and heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Your treatments are modified as you change and heal.”
– Jason Blalack

Experience and Education

* 8 years of formal education in integrative & complimentary medicine –
* Bachelor’s in alternative medicine from Union Institute
* Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.
* Licensed in Colorado & California
* 21+ years clinical practice


  • International lecturer and author of the acclaimed herbal text, Qin Bo-wei’s 56 Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions  & numerous articles published in professional medical journals.
  • Ten trips to China to study medicine, language, and translation, including a close mentorship with Dr. Wu Bo-Ping, who Jason co-authored the above book with.
  • Teaching & Mentorship:  Involved in long-term training and one-on-one mentorship for other Chinese medicine practitioners in Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Extension Study in China

About Jason Blalack
Jason’s mentor, Wu Bo-Ping (China, 2007)
About Jason Blalack
87-year-old Yang Shao-Shan (China, 2009)


Jason’s utilizes traditional Japanese & Chinese styles as well as esoteric acupuncture. The majority of which are a harmonizing gentle shallow insertions to balance the body, mind, & spirit. For those sensitive patients Jason offers a non-insertion PAINLESS style of acupuncture. He integrates classical & modern methods to not only alleviate symptoms and complaints, but also treat the root imbalance. Often he will use thicker Chinese-style needles for more athletic patients. These complaints usually revolve around conditions such as tendinitis, ligament and meniscus injuries, decreased ROM, etc..

Chinese Herbalism

Jason has made an extra effort to excel in herbal medicine, and has translated / written a now foundational herbal text book for the western world. He has made Chinese herbology a cornerstone of his practice, as well as life passion. It is rare to find someone with his level of expertise in the West. Jason writes individualized formulas, specific to the patient’s disease and underlying condition.

Integrative Functional Medicine

Jason started studying functional medicine over 20 years ago. He utilizes alternative and mainstream lab testing and supplements when needed. Through his experience, he finds that less is more- less testing and supplements, which saves money. Actually, functional medicine has a very similar map of the body as compared to Chinese medicine. Both systems look for underlying causes and mechanisms. An integrative approach puts the context of functional medicine finds (lab tests) in the context of Chinese medicine. Some alternative tests I use are:
  • gastrointestinal (GI) / stool – bacteria, parasites, absorption, microbiome etc.
  • hormone
  • adrenal
  • detoxification
  • food Allergy / sensitivity
  • heavy metal
  • O.A.T. (organic acids)
  • mainstream western blood panels
  • preventative heart panels

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Jason’s Philosophy on Healing

Preventative Medicine

One of the oldest classical Medical texts says, “You can’t build a well once you are thirsty.” Chinese Medicine has always a great emphasis on preserving vitality, anti-aging, and preventing disease and thus strong at diagnosing and treat problems long before they manifest into serious Western disease. Jason pays particular attention to early warning signs based on the tongue, pulse, and symptomatology to help eliminate developing pathological patterns. Coupled with functional medicine, these two form a solid foundation for preventative medicine as well as what many call anti-aging medicine.

What Is Health?

Serious & Complex Health Issues

Sometimes we are faced with a serious disease resulting in an undesired quality of life. I am often asked what Chinese medicine can do for these kinds of conditions? I am always hesitant to use the word “cure” although sometimes this does happen. More realistically, Chinese medicine can many times offer an increased quality and quantity of life. This may be from directly putting the disease into remission, or merely a result of reducing the need for pharmaceuticals, and decreasing side-effects from current drugs.. Although every situation is individual and must be evaluated on a case by case basis, there are some generalities that exist based on my personal experience of treating certain disease states. Please feel free to e-mail or call with questions.

After reversing a serious health issue myself, now 20+ years ago, I not only understand what it takes to turnaround a difficult condition, but the psychological burdens, as well as possible physical limitations, that can accompany serious disease. Consequently, I have made it my life goal to help people in such situations. Fortunately,   if a serious disease has emerged, Chinese Medicine has many tools to address it. Most important is Chinese medicine’s ability to support the body’s natural ability to fight disease. This is a major distinguishing factor between Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

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