Published articles on various topics in Chinese Medicine

By: Jason Blalack

By: Charles Chace

* Discourse on Warm-Heat Disease 温热论 (wen re lun) by (Ye Tian-Shi 葉天士, 1667)

* (Part I) Translated by Charles Chace and Daniella Van Wart

* (Part II) Translated by Charles Chace and Daniella Van Wart

* (Part III) Translated by Charles Chace and Daniella Van Wart

* On Natural Selection: Ruminations on the Roles of Insight & Rationality in Clinical Practice.

* The Error of Our Ways: What Mismanaged Cases Teach Us About the Practice of Chinese Medicine.

* Qin Bo-wei’s Treatment of Liver Depression By Charles Chace and Dan Finney

* Thinking Through Lurking Pathogens: A Pragmatic Approach to Clinical Application

* GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE: Approaching Paranormal Phenomona within the TCM Framework

* Li Dong-yuan’s Gynecology: Excerpted from The Secret Treasury of the Orchid Chamber (Lan Shi Mi Zang) (Three Types of Menstrual Block and Failure of Movement)

* BITTER REALITIES Applying Wenbing Principles in Acute Respiratory Tract Infections by Charles Chace (2000)

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