Autoimmune Testimonials

It would be impossible to express my gratitude for Jason’s work, however, I feel it important to comment. I began seeing Jason after starting to experience neurological issues (vertigo and a limp). After several weeks later I was diagnosed with MS. Not only has Jason help me to begin to heal physically, but he also provided a compassionate healing presence that has acted as a necessary antidote to the biomedical lens that this autoimmune disease is often understood. I truly believe this has been the most important thing I have done in addressing the onset of this disease and I encourage others suffering from MS or other autoimmune diseases to consider Open Gate Acupuncture. – Kelly Graves five-star (google) March 13, 2017

I started seeing Jason about a year ago for an autoimmune disease that few other practitioners knew how to help me with, and western medicine had nothing but medications for. He has helped me tremendously, through educating me on my condition, and gradually helping me find my way through and out of it. It seems that through working with him I am becoming healthier than I have ever been! Jason’s intelligence and scope of understanding on complex health issues, his methodical approach, and investment in seeing results as well as in me feeling better, have helped me trust I am in very good hands. He is a great listener and always seems to be studying and learning himself, which makes for a dynamic clinician. I highly recommend him. – Ellen B. five-star Google (2015)

After only two appointments I am seeing amazing results. Going on five years now I have struggled with an autoimmune disease and I’m finally feeling excited that there’s a way to live with more culinary freedom and less pain. Thank you Jason! (google) 4/20/2016

Previous review  Skillful, Broadly trained, Experienced, Personal, Thorough, Light atmosphere. Nalin K. five-star  (Yelp) 5/1/2016

I’ve had great results working with Jason for RA.  He’s very caring and extremely knowledgeable.  I highly recommend him for acupuncture/Chinese medicine. (google)

I have been seeing Jason for more than 6 months now for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Jason is extremely caring and knowledgeable. He has a better understanding of autoimmune disorders than anyone else I’ve seen. I have been able to manage the RA with very little medication since working with Jason. Tracey S. five-star (Yelp) 2014

I had seen over 10 practitioners in Boulder for a chronic autoimmune problem with no luck. I had suffered for years. After just a few visits with Jason, my condition started to turn around and eventually completely clear up. I am so thankful for his knowledge, compassion, and skill. I now recommend him to all of my friends and family. – John Manning five-star(google) 2014

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