A Word on Silence & Going Inward

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Silence has been one of my biggest teachers. It is the place were we go inward and start to know ourselves deeper.

One thing we start to see is that our complaints about others, or the world, are really coming from ourselves. For example, we blame or shame someone because we feel wronged, hurt etc.. They “did” this to us and that is “not okay”. However, it may just be that we are actually doing this to ourselves and are not present with our own process and pain enough to understand what is happening. What we SEE in the world IS what we are experiencing within. When we start to catch this, we see a pointer to where we still are holding resistance / inner conflict and lack.

Awareness of this is the first step to changing it. Realizing that the “other” is not the cause of our pain is a powerful evolutionary leap in consciousness. It empowers us, instead of us being a victim. Anytime we think someone is doing something to us, consider going inward, and investigating this deeper, and feeling ourselves first. Be on the lookout for when we make the world wrong and drop into silence before reacting, speaking, texting etc. And ask gently, is this really true? is it kind and connecting? or even necessary.

Do this gently and compassionately because it is easy to turn things on ourselves (if our ego structure is not solid) and make ourselves wrong.

I recommend taking time daily to be in silence / meditation as well as 1 full day (or more) of silence periodically. It not only gives us space to see ourselves, but helps calm the nervous system, which is essential for deeper layers of healing.

As we deepen into silence, we go beyond the self, beyond right and wrong, and our mental ideas of the world get replaced with the simplicity of love that accepts everything, even those parts of others and us that we don’t like- and Peace remains. Silence is the foundation of nature where all life exists. Silence is where we find truth. There is no fight, no resistance. It just is, in all its beauty.

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