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I had previously seen many practitioners for a very troubling chronic condition. Within weeks of seeing Jason Blalack, my condition had dramatically shifted, now I am symptom free. Although I had seen many other Chinese medicine practitioners in Boulder and other cities, Jason somehow figured out what needed to be done. We did acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I would recommend Jason to others that have difficult cases that others cannot figure out. – Jim P., 2014.



I started seeing Jason about a year ago for an autoimmune disease that few other practitioners knew how to help me with, and western medicine… Read More



I have been dealing with digestive problems for years. I’ve seen many health care providers, including specialized medical doctors… Read More

Emotional / Spiritual

Emotional / Spiritual

I came to Jason seeking help with depression and anxiety. I have prior therapy experience and a pharmaceutical medication list pages long… Read More



I have been seeing Jason for insomnia, and what a difference he has made! His acupuncture provides an immediate soothing effect that helps me sleep that night and days beyond. Read More

Energy / Adrenal

Energy / Adrenal

Jason Blalack is simply amazing! After years of trying to figure out what was going on with my health, Jason was the first doctor – Eastern or Western – to make a significant impact Read More



Jason Blalack has been astounding in the conditions he has been able to turn around, when no other practitioners have been unable to do anything with them. Read More

Allergies / Skin

Allergies / Skin

Jason has been an incredible physician for our entire family. He always makes time to fit us in when we have something urgent and Read More

Difficult Diseases

Difficult Diseases

MCS, endocrine, lyme, tinnitus, cancer support, etc.

Read ALL 150+

Read ALL 150+

Here are 150+ testimonials collected from 2010-2019



“Jason is knowledgeable, understanding and helping me to heal and shift in a radical way. He is a great listener and I appreciate his gently powerful acupuncture technique that has been an incredible help in times of need. I was going through some big healing and shifts in the last few weeks and he was very accommodating and a grounding presence. The space he creates for healing is very special and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great healing practitioner.” – Vita V. five-star Google (Nov. 2019)
Mary C. five-star Google (Nov. 2019)
I am happy to say that I’ve been progressively getting better and really appreciate Jason’s knowledge of gut and other issues, as well as the tangible solutions he provides. After several years of seeking help, I finally feel like I’m heading in the right direction. I highly recommend Open Gate Acupuncture!
five-star Google (Oct. 2019)- Ashleigh S.

From the very 1st session Jason was able to laser in with where to begin in bringing me into more harmonious balance. Between the acupuncture and the herbal formula my mood, energy and overall well being has improved immediately and significantly contributing to deeper emotional healing. I have seen many health care practitioners in the past 28 years and he is far and above one of the best!

Patrick D. – five-star Google (April. 2019)
I’ve worked with Jason for almost ten years on both chronic and acute health issues. He listens closely to my concerns, gives me great advice on how to improve my health, and also – his needling technique is amazing, I barely feel a thing! Highly recommend working with this master class practitioner!
 five-star YELP (1/10/2019)- Alesia B. – My family has been seeing Jason for over a year and we are very thankful for his attentive care. His intuitive abilities to diagnose coupled with the approach of a functional medicine practitioner were very helpful in dealing with intestinal problems, obgyn concerns, getting rid off HPV and H. Pylori, back issues and sleeping problems. As a medical practitioner myself, I highly recommended Jason to my patients, family and friends. Thank you for all you do!
  Kathleen B. – Dec. 12, 2018
five-star (google) I have been seeing Jason for insomnia, and what a difference he has made! His acupuncture provides an immediate soothing effect that helps me sleep that night and days beyond. The herbs that he has given me help me to relax enough to fall asleep. Jason takes the time each appointment to discuss physical, mental, and spiritual progress. Thanks! Other doctors simply prescribed sedatives, but no pill was strong enough to knock me out. Rather than knocking me out, Jason’s herbs allow me to access a place of deep safety and allowance, which is essential to the process of sleep. I call it spiritual medicine, since it is so drastically different from typical pharmaceuticals or even recreational/psychedelic options. The herbs have helped me to feel held by the present moment, not only allowing me to sleep, but expanding into an experience of complete connection with the universe.
Lorraine K. – Dec. 1, 2018 five-star (google)
Jason Blalack has been astounding in the conditions he has been able to turn around, when no other practitioners have been unable to do anything with them. He is creative, broad in his knowledge across several fields, and a real problem solver. He knows what he is doing, and seems to have a deep vision into the body. For instance: • After spending many months working with other practitioners to try to release my seemingly permanent(1.5 years), painful cramp in my quadrates lumborum, I asked Jason (who was working at the time on other things) to see if he could release it. He put one needle in it, it released immediately and permanently. • After my total knee replacement I became aware that a lifetime habit of letting my knee fall inward as I walked, and it caused a lot of pain. I worked with physical therapists extensively, but none of them had a handle on it. The first time I mentioned this to Jason, he took one look at the leg and identified for himself the pattern, and which muscles to deal with. The muscles rearranged miraculously, and the next day the leg was pretty much straight, my walk completely changed to an open, balanced, stress-free and comfortable state in walking, functioning for the first time as I thought it should. I was using totally different sets of muscles when I walked. It was a mojor structural change after 80 years of moving incorrectly, and I am very excited about it. • Jason has been brilliant in targeting alternative supplements to my specific muscle challenges. No one else has even approached this. He is very astute at what he suggests. My entire condition has changed from these insights. • He has also been very effective at healing challenging viral respiratory conditions.
John Rhyne Nixon – Nov. 2018
five-star (google) Jason is a rare talent and a gifted medicinal practitioner. I just had my first treatment with him and am so optimistic to have someone as caring and intelligent as him assisting my recovery. He is also very light with his needles, lol. Totally painless.
Kate S. Kate S. – five-star (Yelp) 10/11/2018

Jason is one of the most intuitive and talented healers I have worked with (and I have worked with many!). Very rare to find a practitioner this tuned-in. Could not recommend more highly!

Kelly W. Kelly W.- five-star (Yelp) 8/7/2018. Jason is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about what he does. I’m happy to have found such a good practitioner that can truly cares and can provide me guidance towards good health
Mark CoupMark Coup – Sept. 3, 2018
five-star (google) I came to Jason seeking help with depression and anxiety. I have prior therapy experience and a pharmaceutical medication list pages long. I wanted to try something different in conjunction with my current therapy program and have been interested in acupuncture/diet’s ability to help my situation.
Jason is a Pro at providing insights into the mind/body’s reactions to thoughts about everyday events. The work we have been doing together is uncovering years of junk built on top of an inaccurate belief system.
I would recommend Jason to anybody experiencing dis-integration of any part of themselves. He has been patient and compassionate with me during this process, and will continue to work with him for as long as I need to.

Suzy Cohen Suzy Cohen – May, 2018
five-star (google) Jason is a wonderful healer, and I highly recommend him! There is no other acupuncturist like him, he does so much more. Jason will get to the heart of your problem very quickly and FIX it 🙂

Marcia Hall – Feb, 2018
five-star (google) I have been seeing Jason for several years for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and his expertise has helped me learn about and deal with this very difficult health issue and others that I have been encountering. As I struggle with all the different exposures, and my body’s reaction to them, Jason had continued to keep abreast of all the new treatments, and nutrients that are helpful for my body to heal. For the last few weeks, I have been feeling extremely exhausted, and having a difficult time functioning. Jason , as usual, listened to me, asked some questions, and did his acupuncture treatment adding a special blend of tea to use at home. Within a day, I was feeling much better. During the week I was able to do my full days work without the incredible fatigue I’d been feeling, and without having to stop for extended periods of rest. It’s the best I’ve felt for a LONG time. Getting better isn’t always that big or fast of an improvement, but I always improve with Jason’s treatments, care and advice. This time was amazing, and I am so thankful. Thank you Jason!

Dayna SerayeDayna Seraye – Nov., 2017
five-star (google) Jason is an exceptional practitioner. I have been working with him for years now and he is a very generous, perceptive and skillful support for all my health care needs.

Sandra PapazianSandra Papazian – Dec. 2017

five-star (google) I had digestion problems and was diagnosed by a doctor as having H. Pylori bacteria in my system. That problem was treated with a intense dose of antibiotics that was painful and made me sick and disoriented. After the treatment I still had the bacteria. The doctor wanted to give a another mega treatment of antibiotics. I couldn’t go through that again. That is when I began treatment with Jason. Acupuncture and herbal tea and over the counter supplements that he recommended. I did this for two months. Then I had another test made for H. Pylori and the results were negative! Thank you Jason for your knowledge, treatment and helpful counseling. I am so grateful.
John B.  five-star (Yelp) – 7/17/2016. Jason is one of the best in Boulder. He’s incredibly intuitive, intelligent, and caring. One of the most knowledgeable in Boulder. I highly recommend!
Yashoda Devi Ma Yashoda Devi Ma – May 15, 2017
five-star (google) Jason is amazing at what he does. I recommend him to all my Vedic Meditation students and community.
Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey M. five-star (Yelp) 3/21/2017 – Jason is an outstanding acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner! He was very helpful for my headaches. After 3 or 4 treatments and some Chinese Herbs I was good to go. Highly recommended you check him out for pain relief.

Kelly Graves – March 13, 2017
five-star (google) It would be impossible to express my gratitude for Jason’s work, however, I feel it important to comment. I began seeing Jason after starting to experience neurological issues (vertigo and a limp). After several weeks later I was diagnosed with MS. Not only has Jason help me to begin to heal physically, but he also provided a compassionate healing presence that has acted as a necessary antidote to the biomedical lens that this autoimmune disease is often understood. I truly believe this has been the most important thing I have done in addressing the onset of this disease and I encourage others suffering from MS or other autoimmune diseases to consider Open Gate Acupuncture.
Hanneh Rudkilde – Sept. 2016
five-star (google) Jason Blalack is an extraordinarily gifted, sincerely caring and ever evolving acupuncturist and human being. He runs his practice Open Gate Acupuncture in Boulder – with the highest integrity and it is obvious that he loves what he does. I trust him 100% and always look forward to my visits.
Karyn Young – Aug. 2016
five-star (google) Jason is an excellent acupuncturist for chronic and major illness. He has studied medicine for a significant number of years and even learned Chinese so he could read Chinese texts and not rely on a translator which may be unclear or even inaccurate. He’s dedicated to what he does.
I saw Jason for 8 months for a condition that has been undiagnosable from a Western medicine perspective. I have tended to call it Chronic Fatigue for lack of another label. There has been significant improvement in my condition up through December of 2013. Then in January of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and now Jason is supporting me with both the chronic fatigue and cancer treatment which currently involves chemo. I love that I have a plan in place that includes supplements and herbs to build my body strength between chemo treatments.One of the great things about Jason is his approach. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and yet spacious and warm. When he’s sitting and talking with you, you can see his mind is moving fast and he’s processing everything at lightening speed. When I get on his table, he slows down, centers (almost imperceptibly) and checks pulses. When he places needles, he uses his intuition in addition to logic. And often my intuition and his intuition are in conversation. I feel like I am integral to his choices and actions. He trusts me and I trust him.Given that my illness has lasted 7 years thus far, I have seen many practitioners. For me Jason has been the best.
David Fackler – July, 2016
five-star (google) Having little prior experience with Chinese Medicine, Jason was great to work with. He listened intently and really made sure to get at the root of the issue rather than simply looking at the symptoms. He explained everything in a very clear and helpful way that allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in the acupuncture and herbal tea treatments.
Neely Quinn – Aug, 2016
five-star (google) Before I started seeing Jason, I’d been saying I wanted a spiritual teacher. So when I went to see Jason for an issue I was having with my ear, it came as a surprise to me that he sort of became my spiritual teacher and has been instrumental in me coming out of a major bout of depression/anxiety.While the herbs didn’t really agree with me (something about them – maybe it was placebo – gave me very bad anxiety), the needles and our weekly talks have helped me calm down my nervous system enough that I’m now successfully coming off of my anti-depressant, Remeron.He taught me a different meaning of meditation and how to use it in my life. He taught me about the “second arrow” in Buddhism, which is the feeling or thought you have after experiencing an emotion. For instance, feeling guilty or frustrated about having anxiety about something. I realized I was doing that all the time to myself and Jason helped me realize it was unnecessary and I could just let it go.Honestly, he’s helped me love, forgive, and accept myself for maybe the first time in my life. And I’ve been to a lot of therapists over the last 2 years, so that’s saying a lot!Besides that, though, he helped put my shoulder back together, which I was fully planning on having surgery on. And when I’ve had other tweaks and pains (I’m a rock climber), he’s helped them go away quickly.My period has changed for the better since I started seeing him, and I’ve only been having a fraction of the amount of breast pain I used to have before my period.But most of all, I have a lot of really good days now where I don’t have intense anxiety, and I can attribute that very much to Jason’s guidance, encouragement, and acupuncture. So thank you for that, Jason. I’d recommend you to anyone.
Julie alexander, July, 2016
five-star (google) Jason has been a game changer for my health. After so many other Dr’s. and no real significant change, coming to him and receiving acupuncture, the tea that he blends specifically for my issues and just speaking with him on his beliefs on what the body can do once you can get it to a state of health, has helped so much! I believe in him, his knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. He has a very soothing personality, just being in his office is calming. Most importantly, Jason listens! I highly recommend him to everyone ….I have faith that whatever ails you, he can surely be of help.
Nalin Meditation K. Nalin Meditation K. – 5/1/2016, five-star (Yelp) . After only two appointments I am seeing amazing results. Going on five years now I have struggled with an autoimmune disease and I’m finally feeling excited that there’s a way to live with more culinary freedom and less pain. Thank you Jason! 4/20/2016 Previous review  Skillful, Broadly trained, Experienced, Personal, Thorough, Light atmosphere.

Carrie F., 1/3/2016
five-star (Yelp). I just returned home from a wonderful acu session with Jason.  When I entered I could not breathe and had spent 3 nights up coughing with an extremely tight chest and terrible cough.  After an amazing session, I can breath lightly with open lungs, a rested spirit and a relieved heart.  🙂  Thank you!

Nicole Dunas, Dec. 2015
five-star (google) I found Jason’s understanding of Chinese herbalism masterful. He understands not only how to diagnose and prescribe, yet also which herbs, given the condition and situation, are likely to support the body in developing the mechanism to heal itself, which is why, I feel, that his patients get long lasting results. He also has a great capacity with acupuncture (I dislike needles and never felt worried getting acupuncture with him). Last, he listens carefully and shows kindness and acceptance to patients, which helped me to feel safe in bringing up all of my questions and concerns!! I felt some fear when I went to see him, as I thought I might have a serious condition, and he sat with me through it all, reading tests, offering acupuncture and herbs, and helping me get to the root of what was happening (which luckily was not serious), and to heal.

Monica K. 11/22/2015

five-star (Yelp) I recently moved to Boulder and with the recommendation of my son decided to make an appointment to see Jason for a skin condition that caused relentless itching for the previous 3 months. This was the first time that I had received acupuncture or oriental medicine as a treatment for any condition.  The experience was awesome and the results were even better than I could have hoped for.  Not only did Jason focus on my physical symptoms of hives and itching, but addressed several other things that I had been dealing with emotionally and I am so pleased with the results in several aspects of my overall health and well being.  He has helped me in a very short amount of time and I highly recommend Jason to anyone especially to those who have not had success with western medicine. Monica

Karyn Y. Karyn Y. 11/4/2015

five-star (Yelp) I have been working with Jason Blalack for 2.5 years. I started seeing him in April 2013 when I had been sick with Chronic Fatigue for about 4 years and I’d been through a few practitioners (3 alternative MDs known for working with complex, chronic illnesses, 2 chiropractors, 3 other acupuncturists and a few others). Once I found Jason, I was able to relax and work with him on the majority of my symptoms. It has been so helpful to have him manage my supplements and prioritize what’s really important to take and what’s not. And unlike some of the other practitioners, he doesn’t give me 1, 2 or 3 new supplements every time I see him. I used to manage my supplements in a spreadsheet!! Not anymore!!

I chose Jason because I heard that he had experienced a severe chronic illness in his early 20s and had used Chinese herbs to get better. In the first appointment, Jason described to me in Chinese medicine terms what he thought was happening in my body and what my healing would look like: a steady upward trend of improvement with down spells from time to time. That’s what has taken place. We discussed that I had improved after about 8 months. I was so pleased to feel an underlying energy that was strong and consistent for the first time in years. I find Jason to be highly intelligent, creative, curious, thoughtful and he has a sense of humor. To treat complex illness it’s critical to have a certain kind of person working on your behalf. There can be a large number of variables and symptoms and so setting the right priorities is key.

Shortly after we saw the first improvement in my Chronic Fatigue, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and this changed our focused rather dramatically. I was advised to do chemo and radiation and so Jason supported me with acupuncture and herbs through those rather difficult physical experiences. He was such an emotional support to me during cancer treatment. He was gentle, kind, steady and communicated an underlying confidence that I would get well from all that my body had been through. I had gotten to the point that I couldn’t remember what it was like to be even a little bit healthy.

Once cancer treatment was over, the next focus was menopause. Some chemo drugs cause early menopause and it’s abrupt so the symptoms have been intense. The Chinese herbs are once again super helpful — they are the only thing I’ve tried that reduces symptoms that are pretty much unbearable.

Today, aside from the menopause symptoms, I feel great! I have energy to function well and my mind is clear and quick. I recently went on vacation in Europe for a month and I did fabulous! I have been able to begin rebuilding my life.

When Jason is out or away, I see Kate Blalack and have found her to be intelligent, effective and wise as well. I so appreciate being able to see someone else when Jason is away who knows and understands me.

Ellen Boeder, 2015
five-star (google) I started seeing Jason about a year ago for an autoimmune disease that few other practitioners knew how to help me with, and western medicine had nothing but medications for. He has helped me tremendously, through educating me on my condition, and gradually helping me find my way through and out of it. It seems that through working with him I am becoming healthier than I have ever been! Jason’s intelligence and scope of understanding on complex health issues, his methodical approach, and investment in seeing results as well as in me feeling better, have helped me trust I am in very good hands. He is a great listener and always seems to be studying and learning himself, which makes for a dynamic clinician. I highly recommend him.
Ken Hess, Aug. 2016
five-star (google) Feeling much better — both mind and body. You are a true healer, Jason.
Momo O. Momo O. – 3/3/2015
five-star (Yelp) I originally came to Good Earth (at the time Chautauqua Health) in 2009 after suffering from recurring skin infections (boils) for about a year; my regular docs would prescribe antibiotics, I would heal and a couple of months later I would again be subjected to a new round of (truly disgusting and painful) boils. After a year of this, I felt desperate. I had never experienced Chinese medicine before, but I felt like the antibiotics were making me weaker – I felt and looked 10 years older – and certainly not solving the problem. A google search led me to Good Earth.

Jason was FANTASTIC. He prescribed some temporary dietary changes, herbal medicine and did acupuncture, and after a couple of months, that was that. No more boils, no more antibiotics, I was back to my normal health. I was also advised on some more long-term dietary changes that would benefit me in the long run (but with zero pressure).

The best part, however, is that I really feel that the patient-doctor relationship at Good Earth is very dynamic and organic; there is so much care and attention given to you, the patient, and your needs and wants. I’ve since been back for a few other minor issues, and I’ve seen both Kate and Jason. I can’t speak highly enough of both of them. They are both remarkable listeners, they are bright, compassionate and highly talented healers.

Liana Pomeroy, 2015
five-star (google) Jason Blalack is simply amazing! After years of trying to figure out what was going on with my health, Jason was the first doctor – Eastern or Western – to make a significant impact – he was able to diagnose my adrenal burnout and digestive issues and with a combination of Chinese herbs, gentle and almost painless needles (I’m extremely wimpy and was pleasantly surprised at how much they do not hurt), and a change in diet, Jason took me from exhaustion to health in less than a year after years and years of searching for the right cure. If I hadn’t found him, I’m not sure what I would have done. He’s funny, patient, impeccable, precise, and has the best bedside manner. I trust him implicitly.
Marianne Okal, 2015
five-star (google) I originally came to Good Earth (at the time Chautauqua Health) in 2009 after suffering from recurring skin infections (boils) for about a year; my regular docs would prescribe antibiotics, I would heal and a couple of months later I would again be subjected to a new round of (truly disgusting and painful) boils. After a year of this, I felt desperate. I had never experienced Chinese medicine before, but I felt like the antibiotics were making me weaker – I felt and looked 10 years older – and certainly not solving the problem. A Google search led me to Good Earth.
Jason was FANTASTIC. He prescribed some temporary dietary changes, herbal medicine and did acupuncture, and after a couple of months, that was that. No more boils, no more antibiotics, I was back to my normal health. I was also advised on some more long-term dietary changes that would benefit me in the long run (but with zero pressure).The best part, however, is that I really feel that the patient-doctor relationship at Good Earth is very dynamic and organic; there is so much care and attention given to you, the patient, and your needs and wants. I’ve since been back for a few other minor issues, and I’ve seen both Kate and Jason. I can’t speak highly enough of both of them. They are both remarkable listeners, they are bright, compassionate and highly talented healers.

Tracey S., 4/13/2014

five-star (Yelp). I’ve had great results working with Jason for RA.  He’s very caring and extremely knowledgeable.  I highly recommend him for acupuncture/Chinese medicine.

Kathy C., 4/9/2014

five-star (Yelp). Jason is great.  I met him when I was in acupuncture school and was impressed with his passion and creative knowledge with herbs.  Many years later I am now seeing him to build and keep my immune system healthy.  His acupuncture treatments are gentle and enjoyable and the herbal formulas he prescribes are genius.

Annie Gifford, 2014
five-star (google) I have seen Jason for many years for the treatment of arthritis and various other complaints. Throughout, Jason has been compassionate and thorough, always going the extra mile to ensure that his treatments were procuring the best possible results for my conditions.
Ten years ago, a doctor told me I would be looking at knee replacements by now, which is not the case. I am still working out daily with little pain. I attribute my current well-being to Jason’s expertise administering Chinese herbs and acupuncture. He has made many trips to China to study with acclaimed Eastern doctors, and kindly shares the extensive knowledge of Eastern medicine that he has acquired, much to the benefit all who are under his care. Five stars!!
Jennifer roberts, 2014
five-star (google) Jason is a very thorough and compassionate acupuncturist. His understanding and breadth of knowledge of Chinese medicine is impressive and you feel like you’re in the presence of someone who really understands the body and how to help it!
Gabriela Vintimilla, 2014
five-star (google) A few years back I suffered of a notable energetic decay. I felt a strenuous fatigue, I had digestive difficulties, somnolence during the day and at night I suffered of insomnia. Because of this somnolence I put myself and my family in danger a few times while driving a car in the highway. After these incidents I decided to seek medical help, consequently, I went to various doctors of Chinese medicine in Chicago. However, their treatments were ineffective and even they worsened my state of health.
I kept my quest for a doctor in Chinese medicine, basing my search on a physician that was also a researcher. According to that criteria I came across Jason Blalack’s profile and upon reading his cases analysis I was impressed by his ability of diagnosis and the respect he earned from other doctors that have participated in these analysis.
Jason Blalack was accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. After a few days I returned to my country Ecuador and he continued giving me treatment indications despite the distance. The result of his treatment was excellent. Jason Blalack is someone who cares about the patient and his wellbeing and will keep offering his generous help.
Candy Brad, 2014
five-star (google)  I started going to Jason a few years ago when I was diagnosed with tinnitus. The options available to me with traditional western medicine were slim and not anything I was interested in trying. I had utilized acupuncture in the past for allergies and had responded well. However, my response this go around was amazing! Within one session and starting Chinese Herbs, my tinnitus was gone. We continued to work on my underlying constitutional issues for about five months. I am thrilled to report that the tinnitus has not returned and all is well. Jason has a wonderful understanding of the complexities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I wholeheartedly recommend him!
Bob King (Zen Pig), 2014
five-star (google) I had a very positive experience with Jason at Good Earth Acupuncture. This is the real deal, and do not expect to be given bottles of pills to swallow. The herbs are imported in bulk, and guaranteed for freshness, and free from pesticides. Jason’s knowledge of Chinese medicine was well rounded, and helped me with a very serious health concern. I would recommend his practice to all concerned.
Justin Gindlesperger, 2014
five-star (google) After my first acupuncturist moved, she recommended Jason because she went to Jason for her own treatments!
Jason is great! Through his use of acupuncture and herbs I felt real progress on my conditions – something no other doctor was able to achieve. His knowledge of the body, body processes and treatments through Chinese medicine are simply amazing. It seems he is always trying to learn more to increase the quality of the services he provides. Thanks Jason.
Maynardfan A, 2014
five-star (google) Jason is excellent at what he does. He’s compassionate and very knowlegeable. I went to see him for liver problems, migraines, and menstrual problems. My biggest issue were the horrible migraines that I’ve been suffering with for years. I was looking for relief without pain killers and couldn’t be more happy with the results of Jason’s treatments. The acupunture and herbs got my body back on track and pretty much eliminated my migraines! I highly recommend him. He’s the best acupunturist I’ve been to and his prices are very reasonable.

Erin M., 2014

five-star (google) I saw Jason for a very rare skin disease that caused inflammation throughout my entire body. Jason’s knowledge of the body, how it works and his deep understanding of chinese medicinal herbs that can heal, support and strenghthen the body helped me get to remission much faster than many individuals that are afflicted with the disease. Jason was also able to address g.i. issues that have plagued me for years. I feel fortunate to have been under his care.
Nor Narita, 2014
five-star (google) I was suffering from acute pain in the area of my upper back and shoulder blades due to repetitive motion injuries caused by using a computer mouse for 30 years. The pain was sharp and intense, and was not responding to the Western techniques and medication I had tried, such as narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. Sometimes I would feel better, but the feeling was short-lived. I was able to get relief from Kate Blalack with a combination of acupuncture, cups and Chinese herbs. She did wonders for me. It has been a few years since my treatments, and even though I haven’t seen her since then, I am still pain-free.
Previous to the above issue, I had problems with lower back pain and spasms, and Jason was able to treat those symptoms successfully. Again, it has been many years since I received treatment from him, and I have not been bothered with lower back spasms since.
Jason is very professional, yet friendly and a delight to talk to. I recommend Jason without reservations.
Beth Marvel, 2014
five-star (google) Jason’s real mastery is in herbal formulas. Jason tuned a formula that helped with my peri-menupausal symptoms: hot-flashes, sleeplessness. Jason’s gentle demeanor, sensitivity, depth of knowledge, and gentle needling lead to a high recommendation.
Sasha b. Cohen, 2014
five-star (google) I have been working w/jason for a couple of years on a myriad of issues. i have seen/felt the differences on many levels–physically, energetically, emotionally. jason’s wisdom, passion and thorough knowledge of healing through this modality is unparalleled.
Nicole Linton, 2014
five-star (google) Jason is well known for his knowledge in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. i would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to work with an established, reputable acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. his herb knowledge is wonderful and he uses the highest quality herbs which can make a huge difference in helping heal the body. i admire his knowledge and ability to heal the body from the inside out.
Errol Wuertz, 2014
five-star (google) I was told by my doctor that I would need to have my Gallbladder taken out. I went to see Jason and he prescribed some herbs and did some acupuncture. I have not had my Gallbladder taken out and it has been about three years now. I have not had any problems with my Gall Bladder either. I was very pleased with the results.
Angela McCormick, 2014
five-star (google) Jason Blalack is a wonderful acupuncturist. Jason is extremely knowledgeable, kind and gentle. He has helped me time and time again with particular respiratory related symptoms- a weak spot in my constitution. I would arrive at his office feeling absolutely horrible and walk out feeling much much better. After following his herbal tea treatments for the next course of days, I would have survived my illness with out taking any dreaded over the counter meds or having to go onto antibiotics- both courses of action I try to avoid. Jason Blalack is part of my “health team” and I will continue to see him.
Kari Scott, 2014
five-star (google), Jason is an amazing acupuncturist! Very professional and always goes above and beyond to be sure that you are well, no matter what you are seeing him for. Anyone should feel completely confident that you are getting the best care with Jason. He is passionate about what he does and it shows! I recommend him to everyone I know…I think he is the best!
Gretchen Perkins, 2014
five-star (google) Jason has been instrumental in helping me deal with a life long struggle with stress. He is smart, caring, and was able to read me like a book. I had no exposure to Chinese Medicine, however am now a believer if you have a proficient practitioner such as Jason. I also sent my husband who has been very happy.
Phil Hadley, 2014
five-star (google) Under Jason Blalack’s care, my Lyme disease was identified, my heavy metals were chelated, my immune system was bolstered, and neurotoxins were eliminated — all with herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle changes. Over time, my health has slowly and consistently improved, and I am nearing a complete cure. I am grateful to have found such a patient, skilled and personable acupuncturist, herbalist, and friend.
Fatou Doumbia, 2014
five-star (google) Very caring knowledgeable and friendly environment.
I had been trying to locate some herbs for 5 years. I called so many people in Colorado and California, no one could identify the type of herb I was looking for. A friend recommended Jason Blalack in Boulder. Dr Blalack was able to immediately find answers for me.I am planning to use his service again.
Tracey Scalia, 2014
five-star (google) I have been seeing Jason for more than 6 months now for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Jason is extremely caring and knowledgeable. He has a better understanding of autoimmune disorders than anyone else I’ve seen. I have been able to manage the RA with very little medication since working with Jason.
Laura Weaver, 2014
five-star (google) I have worked with Jason for the last seven years.I originally came in for support with a pituitary tumor and post-surgical healing, but have continued on for years since my original illness. Jason has an amazing capacity to read the subtleties of what is happening in my system and to provide accurate and compassionate care. After every session, I have experienced major shifts in my wellness and state of being. Thank you Jason for the kind, compassionate and highly effective treatment over the years! I am most grateful.
John Manning, 2014
five-star (google) I had seen over 10 practitioners in Boulder for a chronic autoimmune problem with no luck. I had suffered for years. After just a few visits with Jason, my condition started to turn around and eventually completely clear up. I am so thankful for his knowledge, compassion, and skill. I now recommend him to all of my friends and family.
Kathy Castrigno, 2014
five-star (google) Jason is great. He is so knowledgeable with Chinese Herbal Medicine. He is very passionate about his work and it shows. He has really been helpful to me. I drive almost 2 hours to see him and that says something!
Olivier Libouban, 2014
five-star (google) Jason and the practice at large are just excellent. Jason takes his time to hear you and understand what you experience, to diagnose as accurately as possible, and to follow up. Plus the fact that Jason keeps up with his field makes him a great doctor.
Patrick Keating, 2014
five-star (google) I’ve seen Jason at Good Earth Acupuncture a number of times and he’s always provided the right kind of solution I need. Also, he makes solid recommendations for personal home care that empowers the work he does during our sessions. He’s very professional, a clear thinker, very personable, and I highly recommend his services.
Shanly Weber, 2014
five-star (google) Jason is a superb acupuncturist and herbalist. Besides being skilled at what he does, he is able to educate clients about how to improve one’s health. He is also a heartfelt human being who cares about people!
Stephanie Wallace, 2014
five-star (google) I came to see Jason for several reasons; digestive issues and shoulder surgery. He was very professional, listens well, and is keenly interested in helping people feel better. I greatly benefitted from his care.
David Cobb, 2014
five-star (google) Jason is extremely professional and an excellent healer. He exceeded my expectations, and resolved my issue very quickly. My experience was very positive!
Michelle Kranz, 2014
five-star (google) Jason definitely knows the body and how you can apply acupuncture for healing. Excellent in shoulder knowledge – he’s helped many of my friends as well as myself. I’ve been going to him for 8 years.
Jim Powers, 2014
five-star (google) I had previously seen many practitioners for a very troubling chronic condition. Within weeks of seeing Jason Blalack, my condition had dramatically shifted, now I am symptom free. Although I had seen many other Chinese medicine practitioners in Boulder and other cities, Jason somehow figured out what needed to be done. We did acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I would recommend Jason to others that have difficult cases that others cannot figure out.
Donald Heath, 2014
five-star (google) I was a patient of Good Earth Acupuncture in Boulder and underwent acupuncture by Jason and Kate Blalack for several months. I felt that their interaction with patients was outstanding, and consequently I recommend them highly.
Hunter Oxford, 2014
five-star (google) I’ve suffered with allergies for years and don’t anymore thanks to Jason’s masterful works with Chinese medicine. He has also helped me through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs with numerous other physical ailments. I Highly recommend them for any issue under the sun

Jason Boardman Apr 1, 2015 – Outstanding experience

5stars (genbook) Jason is a thoughtful, well trained, and thorough health professional. His curiosity allows him to consider new and innovative solutions to your particular health needs. I would recommend him to anyone. – Boulder, CO Customer since December 2014

Carrie S Fische Mar 30, 2015 Thanks Doc!

5stars (genbook)  Jason has been an incredible physician for our entire family. He always makes time to fit us in when we have something urgent and he is incredible at treating whatever we have going on: from skin conditions, to respiratory challenges, allergies, detoxing needs, singers throat issues, and more. His herbal formulas feel wonderful and always seem to really hit the mark. Jason has a wonderful capacity to listen, not only to his knowledge, but to his intuition and the patient’s body. Thank you! – Boulder, CO Customer since November 2012

Health Gypsy Mar 24, 2015 – Can’t say enough good things…

  • 5stars (genbook)  Recently moved to the area to seek treatment for recurrent miscarriage (with IVF in mind). Jason taught me that western medicine isn’t always the answer. I have only been seeking treatment (acupuncture and herbs) for 3 months and so I am not a success story YET.. I can tell you though, I feel a MILLION times better. Sessions are not only healing (physically) but also mentally and emotionally. I have learned that health is an emotional and spiritual journey. I can’t thank Jason enough! – Boulder, CO Customer since December 2014

  • S.S. 5stars Mar 21, 2015

    Increasing Energy and Improving Digestion

    I have been suffering from chronic fatigue. I have been adapting my lifestyle, eating healthier food, taking supplements and more. Accupuncture and a Detox program with Jason have both helped me continue to regain my health. I have been impressed with Jason’s knowledge of Chinese medicine and holistic healing and would definitely recommend him to people dealing with hard to diagnose health challenges. – Boulder, CO Customer since April 2014

  • James T 5stars Mar 13, 2015

    Great Beginning: sound table is amazing

    Once I got the paperwork filled out, Jason was insightful, direct without being rude, and empathetic throughout the intake interview. There is never enough time for everything, but the main points of my issues were teased out. I felt immediately better than I had in 3 weeks after the acupuncture session, and I am actually looking forward; the sound table is amazing. I am confident as we go forward we can solve the issues of anxiety and blues and insomnia, and get rid of the Western meds. Namaste. – Longmont, CO Customer since February 2015

  • J.S.5stars Dec 27, 2014

    Anxiety addressed on all levels.

    I have been struggling with severe anxiety for a while and didn’t quite know it was anxiety. Jason has helped me on many levels to understand my experience and provided many resources both as treatments in the office, and things to do at home. He truly listened to my explanation and helped me to see things in a different way. The sound-table & acupuncture helped immediately. Other resources and just being “heard” are life changing. Thank you Jason. So grateful to have found your expertise. – Boulder, CO Customer since November 2012

  • Ken E 5stars Dec 14, 2014

    Pinched nerve in neck

    I developed severe neck pain, with muscle spasms in the neck, and pain and numbness down my left arm. MRI confirmed a nerve compression. After trials of medication and a course of physical therapy, I was no better, so I thought I would try acupuncture with Jason before taking steroids or having a steroid injection. Within 1-2 treatments, the muscle spasms went away, and the pain and numbness down my arm went away. This has now been 2 years, and with continued treatment, it has not come back. – Lyons, CO Customer since August 2010

  • e.s.5starsSep 19, 2014

    Jason has sensitivity, humor, and patience

    Acupuncture really works at moving energy in the body. Jason works with sensitivity, humor, and patience. His focus on trying to help the body heal is holistic. Effective treatment without being invasive. I am hopeful an ongoing problem with plantar fascists and pain in ankle, can be resolved so I can become physically active again.  – Boulder, CO Customer since October 2013

  • Gretchen Perkins 5stars Sep 5, 2014

    Severe Tension Headaches which Pain Medication does not Resolve

    Jason continues to be someone I trust to resolve my health issues. My current affliction is tension headaches which he resolved during my session and based on previous afflictions I know he will permanently resolve. – Customer since April 2013

  • Hassan Gebel5starsAug 20, 2014

    Migraine in remission

    I have suffered from vascular headaches (migraines) for over 40 years. Over that time I have had one to two headaches a week. I started acupuncture treatment in April and now I have been headache-free for about a month. I chose Jason because he was successful with another migraine patient. I can confirm that acupuncture can work for migraines!- Boulder, CO Customer since March 2014

  • E.M.5starsJul 3, 2014

    Professional and Kind

    I have been seeing Jason for years and I feel I can come to him with any health issues, small or large. His expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine is incredibly impressive, but he is also able to integrate knowledge of Western medical as well. Jason is a collaborative healer, and I have learned so much about my own health and well-being by seeing him. I am also a loyal convert to Chinese herbs. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very gifted at what he does.- Louisville, CO Customer since September 2010

  • Khandro 5stars Jun 21, 2014


    I am continually impressed by Jason’s scope of knowledge and his effective, gentle needling technique.- Boulder, CO Customer since August 2013

  • Marci Hall5starsMay 10, 2014

    Relief for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

    After being sick for months, my husband and I very skeptically went to see Jason Blalack. After the first 3 minutes, we realized that Jason was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and had experience dealing with people who had my condition. His regiment for healing was exactly what I needed. After six months of Jason’s care, I am back to enjoying life again without being sick. Thanks, Jason! – Boulder, CO Customer since January 2014

  • Kathy C5starsApr 20, 2014

    Immune System built!

    Jason is very professional and knowledgeable. It is easy to see the passion he has for his work. I can to see him to build my immune system and avoid the seemingly yearly respiratory infections I get. I did not get one this year!- Boulder, CO Customer since November 2013

  • Melanie5starsApr 9, 2014

    Thorough and Consistent

    Jason has a mastery of acupuncture that places him at the top of his profession. He listens to my health concerns and applies his prowess. He has helped me with ongoing digestive concerns as well as numerous aches and pains due to repetitive motions. He is thorough and consistent in his gathering of information and implementation of the appropriate method of treatment. -Customer since September 2013

  • Hassan Gebel5starsApr 3, 2014


    I’ve had migraines for about 50 years, usually about once a week. I have tried many treatments but always treating the symptoms. Jason did a great sleuthing job with a variety of symptoms to zero in on the probable root problem. The first acupuncture treatment made a noticeable difference and I am looking forward with hope to continuing treatment. The root problem also explains my IBS symptoms of about 40 years so hope for that condition is a bonus. – Customer since March 2014

  • Kaiya5starsMar 18, 2014

    Respectful, intelligent, and kind

    I was referred to Jason by my acupuncturist in Michigan. He came highly recommended. And I am pleased. I feel like I might finally, with Jason’s help, be able to find answers to my complicated health issues. He listened, asked careful questions, is respectful, intelligent, and kind.- Customer since February 2014

  • michele K5starsMar 18, 2014


    Jason definitely knows the body and how you can apply acupuncture for healing. Excellent in shoulder knowledge – he’s helped many of my friends as well as myself

    Customer since October 2013

  • Sasha B Cohen5starsFeb 5, 2014

    Mindful, compassionate and educational

    my sessions w/jason are always mindful, compassionate and educational. it’s imperative for me to understand what is happening–not only on a physical level, but an energetic one as well. i continue to find immense value, healing and wisdom in working together.

    Customer since April 2012

  • Katya Slivinskaya5starsJan 13, 2014

    Jason Blalack is world class

    With Jason, I felt like I was in great care. He is a fabulous listener – very tuned in – and he was able to see what was going on quickly. Hi acupuncture technique was gentle yet perceptive and intuitive. Many praises. – Customer since January 2014

  • Fatou Doumbia5starsDec 31, 2013

    First Class

    I feel like Dr Blalack understood my problem. I was relieved when he told me that he knew the composition of the formula I had hang on to for long time because it was discontinued and of all vitamins and even traditional medecin, this formula helped me the most. Dr Blalack taught me few things about the formula and why it worked for me. He has a very friendly office staff whom made me comfortable. I am very please to have found Dr Blalack. Thank you for helping. Fatou – Customer since December 2013

  • michele K5starsDec 14, 2013

    Strong review: Very knowledgeable

    Jason definitely knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable and skilled in many areas. I always learn something new during our visits. He also has had great success in my healing process.-Customer since October 2013

  • Kathy Castrigno5starsDec 9, 2013

    Jason is knowledgeable and easy to talk to

    Really enjoyed my treatment with Jason. He is very knowledgeble and made me feel very comfortable. I felt amazing when I left and feel the herbs he prescribed will be quite helpful. – Customer since November 2013

  • BMM5starsNov 21, 2013

    Hot Flashes

    “Hot flashes” sound so benign…Remember your last 102 degree fever? Intense sleeplessness, anxiety; reality fogged in a heated veil. I tried bio-identicals hormones, and FDA hormones felt too risky. Jason’s careful application of herbs acupuncture changed all that. In less than two months, Jason found an herbal formula that made me feel healthy and alive again. I can sleep, I rarely experience flashes. And I feel like a more wholesome, healthy individual.- Customer since July 2013

  • R.F.5starsNov 19, 2013

    Great and Extremely Attentive

    My first appointment at Open Gate was great! Jason was extremely attentive and I feel confident in his analysis and suggested path to wellness.- Customer since October 2013

  • Connie Robertson5starsNov 4, 2013

    Pain Reduction

    The first Acupuncture treatment Jason Blalack performed resulted in reducing pain in my back and my shoulders. Both of the later are badly damaged. What a relief to be able to start walking normally, and to reach items on high shelves. The need for continuing treatments is obvious- Customer since October 2013

  • Sasha B Cohen5starsNov 3, 2013

    Grounding and nurturing care

    jason continues to provide the most grounding and nurturing care for my needs–physically, energetically, emotionally & spiritually. i am grateful for his wisdom & compassion, as i continue on my healing journey.

    Customer since April 2012

  • Catherine P5starsSep 19, 2013

    Health in general

    I had been referred by one of my personal trainers who swore by Jason.,.So far, so good. I’m always open to new ideas, and certainly the Chinese medicine has been around a lot longer than what we’re use to. – Customer since May 2013

  • Nicole B5starsAug 6, 2013

    Great improvement after two visits

    I have been dealing with digestive problems for years. I’ve seen many health care providers, including specialized medical doctors. Nothing so far has helped – in fact some of the Western medicine made the condition worse. Jason’s diagnosis from a Chinese perspective was spot on and tied in with other symptoms I had been experiencing. The acupuncture is extremely effective and the herbs he prescribed also make a big difference. After only two visits I feel much, much better.- Customer since July 2013

  • Bob King5starsJun 25, 2013

    Not afraid.

    I just completed my first visit with Jason /Open Gate Acupuncture. Jason not only spent all the time needed to diagnose and treat my rather complicated condition, but was professional and knowledgeable. The herbs are mixed in the traditional way, along with instructions for preparation. Lastly Jason is not afraid of tackling conditions which a lot of alternative medical providers would shy away from. – Customer since May 2013

  • Katherine Pearl5starsJun 18, 2013

    All Good…

    So far, so good! Appointment time was prompt, thorough, addressed all my questions & concerns. Hope to continue with total care.- Customer since May 2013

  • nicole l5starsJun 3, 2013


    jason has been helping me with not only acupuncture but with herbal consultations as well. he is extremely helpful in keeping a calm and confident approach with regards to my personal and medical issues. i look forward to my sessions with him as after each one i come out feeling a more balanced and healed woman.-Customer since July 2012

  • Anne G5starsMay 29, 2013

    Competent, helpful, and compassionate

    I have been seeing Jason Blalack for several years for a variety of complaints including insomnia, arthritis, and depression. Instead of the knee replacement the western medical world predicted I would need by now, I am still hiking, biking and active, and I haven’t been on antidepressants in years…I much prefer taking the Chinese herbs Jason gives me. Thank you Jason!

    Customer since August 2010

  • mike s5starsApr 25, 2013

    One Session and back in action

    I have acute sinus problems. I am 63 years old and over this time Acupuncture is the only medicine or procedure that has helped when I get a blockage. One session with Jason and I am on the road to being well and live life to its fullest. – Customer since April 2010

  • E.B.5starsDec 10, 2012


    Jason was very thorough in his work with me: asking questions, taking time to listen and also explain chinese medicine’s approach to my issues, as well as western views. I feel encouraged and positive about my treatment. I also feel like I have a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner to help me walk through the layers of healing that my whole system needs. – Customer since November 2012

  • J.S.5starsNov 29, 2012


    Jason was very courteous and thorough in working through my issues and medical history. He clearly outlined the areas of concern and showed how the issues were related in order to prioritize a methodology for how to unravel my problems. Acupuncture was very effective and herbs are making a difference right away- Customer since November 2012

  • sasha b cohen5starsNov 16, 2012

    Treats the whole person

    jason continues to provide me w/the healing i need to thrive, physically, energetically and emotionally. he treats the whole person, not just the “symptoms” which i bring into the office. at the end of the day it is all intertwined, and jason is incredibly skilled at addressing all of the nuances for optimal well being.-Customer since April 2012

  • Z.H. 5starsNov 8, 2012

    Connects the dots…

    Jason has worked with my 11 year old daughter for several months. He has connected many dots and helped with significant pain issues in a way that Western medicine was unable to. Jason has always treated my daughter with respect–he values her input and honors her limits. Highly recommend! -Customer since March 2012

  • sasha b cohen5stars Aug 8, 2012

    Physically, energetically, or emotionally

    jason’s continued drive for my optimal health is evident in every session. no matter what i bring into his office, physically, energetically, or emotionally, he is listening and taking the necessary steps towards my healing. jason is a wonderfully patient and engaged practitioner. – Customer since April 2012

  • Cece5starsAug 6, 2012

    Many thanks!

    I was referred to the office by another patient and had heard really positive things before arriving. At my appointment I felt like Jason addressed the problem comprehensively and systematically and I experienced almost immediate relief with a case of hives. I was very comforted being in the office and felt like my concerns were heard and considered. -Customer since August 2012

  • Nicole Linton5starsJul 26, 2012


    Jason not only made me feel at ease both in mind and body, also in his chinese medicine expertise!!! – Customer since July 2012

  • sasha b cohen5starsMay 2, 2012

    dedicated practitioner

    jason continues to provide the necessary tools for my overall healing. whether it’s dialoguing about my concerns/fears, adjusting my herbal formula, or the acupuncture itself, jason is always checking in to be sure i am receiving maximum levels of comfort and confidence. so dedicated and passionate towards his work. – Customer since April 2012

  • b. cohen5starsApr 18, 2012

    Leading edge of chinese medicine

    jason is clearly on the leading edge of chinese medicine. his sound knowledge of and passion for treating people w/this modality, deeply enhances the healing process. in addition, his gentle and caring manner and tremendous professionalism, guides people back towards their full strength. -Customer since April 2012

  • Anne G5starsApr 14, 2012

    Always helpful

    Jason consistantly uses his impressive knowledge of Chinese medicine to work with me to find alternative solutions to various annoying symptoms I’ve collected over the years through the process of aging. I have been off of medications for several years now thanks to Chinese herbs and Jason’s expertise. Jason is a caring, generous practitioner…..a gem! -Customer since August 2010

  • L.A.5starsApr 7, 2012

    One Word – Amazing!

    Jason has been working with me for a while now to discover what’s causing some health issues. He mentioned to me about how I should consider altering my diet and doing a cleanse. I hemmed and hawed for a while and finally gave in. After 3 weeks of a cleanse and cutting out 5 food intolerances – my allergies and asthma symptoms have completely disappeared! This guy knows what he’s talking about!! And he has a great bedside manner! :0) – Customer since March 2011

  • Liz b5starsApr 3, 2012


    I recommend Jason and Kat to everyone with any medical issue. Jason regularly visits China to learn more and has been fixing me with accupuncture and herbs for years now. He even worked on my 2 year old son, without scaring him. I am always very impressed with his courtesy and professionalism. Kat as well. They are lovely kind empathic people who know their Chinese medicine. -Customer since July 2010

  • J.C. 5stars Mar 1, 2012

    Great experience

    I really appreciated Jason’s willingness to discuss my doubts about Chinese Medicine and take the time to explain concepts that were really unfamiliar to me. -Customer since January 2012

  • Maria M5starsJan 29, 2012

    Life Changing

    I have never had a practitioner more dedicated to resolving my health issues. He just doesn’t give up. I have worked with Jason for over a year with the result of great healing of some difficult issues and the promise of more healing on many different levels. Working with Jason has been life changing. Having experienced many different practitioners, he is the best I’ve ever worked with – hands down. – Customer since December 2010

  • J5starsOct 13, 2011

    Excellent health care provider.

    Very professional with calming bed side manner. Highly skilled and able to communicate diagnosis and treatment plan to the patient. Provided instant relief from Psoriatic Arthritis joint pain. Only slight inconvenince is that insurance filing is let up to the patient. Highly recommend Jason to all.

    Customer since October 2011

  • i.p.5starsSep 23, 2011

    very relaxing sessions

    I have been enjoying Jason’s care for about 2 years. It has always been done on a very professional and educational level. I am on the path to unravel digestion problems that went for many years without the proper treatment from traditional medicine. He always listens carefully and also does a lot of research to address specific issues. Just a wonderful person and easy to talk to. – Customer since December 2009

  • mike S5starsMay 17, 2011

    Great results.

    I get blockages in my sinuses and have acute respiratory distress. Acupuncture with Jason has helped immensely. I am able to breath freely within 24hours. -Customer since April 2010

  • L.A.5starsMar 22, 2011

    Awesome Experience

    I’ve been to a few acupuncturists in my time and Jason really made me feel extremely comfortable in discussing the issues I’m having. I feel very confident that he will work toward ‘healing the whole’ and putting me on a path to feeling better. I completely trust that he knows what he’s doing. Just got a great vibe from the whole experience. I’m very excited to continue my treatment with him. -Customer since March 2011

  • C.H.5starsMar 15, 2011

    Great First Impression

    I’ve only seen Jason for an initial visit, but I was very impressed with his thoroughness and detail oriented/problem solving mind. I came out of the my first acupuncture treatment already with so much more energy. We also have a great plan in place to get to the route of my issues, not just a bandaid. -Customer since March 2011

  • Donna Marino5starsFeb 1, 2011

    Extremely talented and caring

    I’ve gone to Jason for several years and am always pleased with the results. He takes a lot of time to understand what’s bothering me and figure out the best approach for solving the problem. -Customer since January 2011

  • Fiona Theodoredis5starsNov 11, 2010

    Brilliant Acupuncturist

    I have never had a health practitioner whom I trusted more than Jason Blalack. He is passionate about his work and completely committed to the health of his clients. He has brought me through some very rough health patches. I feel very lucky to have found him. – Customer since December 2009

  • Jim Michael5starsSep 28, 2010

    always interested in getting me better

    when my body acts up and i can’t play as well as i’d like i go see jason. he always takes the time to talk about whats going on and looks for the source of the problem. feel like i’m in knowledgable hands. – Customer since September 2010

  • nancy b cohen5starsSep 11, 2010

    highly recommended

    as a recent client of acupuncture, i am thoroughly impressed and happy with the results i have experienced. jason combines his expertise in chinese medicine with an unparalleled sense of confidence and compassion, creating an environment of optimal wellness. 🙂 – Customer since March 2010

  • Bob T5starsAug 17, 2010

    Chinese Medicine at its best!!

    Jason Is great! With his wealth of knowledge as an Chinese Medical author, passion and dedication to his practice he offers the best in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Every time I leave my appointment with Jason I feel a lot better then when I arrived! If you are interested in giving Chinese medicine a try Jason is the choice in comparison to the others I have seen in the Boulder CO area. – Customer since August 2010

  • Carol Fortner5starsJul 18, 2010

    Rheumatoid Arthritis: Jason is great!

    I’ve been seeing Jason for over five years. I started my visits for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and over the years he has helped me with several other health issues. He’s very knowledgeable and always continuing his education of Chinese medicine. He’s very professional and caring. I would highly recommend Jason.- Customer since January 2010

  • Ellen Smith5starsJul 15, 2010

    excellent healer

    Jason is a gifted healer who listens to his patients, always seeks answers to health problems, and connects his vast knowledge of alternative medicine to Western medicine. You won’t find a better advocate for your overall health.

    Customer since July 2010

  • Terry Snyder5starsJun 22, 2010

    Sensitive, caring healer, who always listens- Jason is wonderful!

    Jason is a sensitive, caring healer, who always listens to me. He has a vast wealth of knowledge of Chinese, as well as other types of alternative and mainstream medical information. He is professional in every sense of the word, and dedicated to continuing his own education to help his patients in every way possible.-Customer since March 2010

  • Deborah Webb5starsMay 30, 2010

    Very effective and knowledgeable!

    I’ve been seeing Jason for various problems over seven years now. I’m very sensitive to acupuncture needles and Jason’s technique is very gentle yet effective. His herbal formulas are right on and very effective and he is very knowledgeable about supplements that have also assisted my healing process. I highly recommend him!!!!! – Customer since May 2010

  • Nancy B C.5starsApr 8, 2010

    gentle and compassionate

    my appointment w/jason blalack was nothing short of awesome. all of my questions/concerns were answered and he really takes the time to be sure i am satisfied w/what we are doing and the protocol going forward. he is knowledgeable, gentle and compassionate and i am thrilled to be back working together again. 🙂 – Customer since March 2010

  • Emmie & Errol Wuertz5starsApr 5, 2010

    Makes suggestions for tests that MD’s should do.

    Jason seems to be more knowledgable about tests that our physician has never recommended. At our age we should be looking at risk factors and Jason has pointed those out and what tests should be taken. We just wish we lived closer to him. He is easy to talk to, does not push anything on you, he lets you make the decision for testing and gives alternatives to seelct after the testing. – Customer since March 2010

  • T J Marchello5starsMar 4, 2010

    Sleep: excellent service as always from Jason Blalack

    I have seen Jason from meverythingy sleepeping disorder where he helped me get off medications that I had been on for 14 years to when I have a cold. He is a wonderful practioner, great listener and a healer. – Customer since February 2010

  • Joetta5starsFeb 10, 2010

    A Blessing!

    I started seeing Jason this year and have been so impressed with the progress I have made. I had seen many other professionals to address the health challenges I was experiencing and have made more progress in a matter of months with Jason than I had even thought possible! – Customer since January 2010

  • Jen5starsFeb 5, 2010

    dedicated healer

    In the 7 years I have been seeing Jason as a patient he has been observant, enthusiastic, astute and unwavering in his convictions. I feel fortunate to have him on my health’s side. I amazed by his ever expanding education and dedication to it. – Customer since January 2010

  • Patrick5starsJan 23, 2010

    Astute and compassionate healer

    Jason is a truly gifted healer. I have experienced a great deal of improvement in the short time I have seen him for both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. His ability to explain his thoughts on my condition in terms of both Western and Chinese medicine is not only comforting, but highly educational as well. I recommend him to anyone. – Customer since January 2010

  • Greg King5starsJan 21, 2010

    Jason is the best!!!!!!!

    I have known, and been under Jason’s care for two (maybe three) years and He has improved my life greatly. He is open, understanding, knowledgable, talented, caring, and very good at the practice of acupuncture. I would recommend Jason to friends, family, and have given his number to many people. Jason has helped me with several health matters in body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful to know Jason. He is the best!!!!!

    Customer since December 2009

  • Marc Butler5starsJan 18, 2010

    Pragmatic and balanced.

    Jason has always provided what I have found as practical and well reasoned advice. By allowing me to approach traditional and Chinese medicine from my own intellectual viewpoint, he has assured my comfort and I believe consequently, I derive great benefit from his care. – Customer since January 2010

  • Ellen baldacci5starsJan 16, 2010


    I’ve been coming to Jason for three years. His expertise and broad range of knowledge serve to provide excellent care. He confers with other experts and works diligently to persevere in resolving even the most challenging health issues. I appreciate his compassion and sensitivity.

    Customer since January 2010

  • Mary Lee Withers5starsJan 6, 2010

    Absolutely the best.

    I own a business and have told numerous customers to contact Jason for various issues. He resolved my problems with 2 appointments. I plan to continue with Jason even though my original problem is resolved – just for maintenance. – Customer since December 2009

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