2. Unresolved stasis on the exterior

This is a case from Dr. Wang Zhan[1], January 5, 1976

Ms. Liu, age 26, had a cold for 4-5 days. She still had a fever, fear of cold and a temperature of 38°C. She was sweating slightly. Although she had taken an instant tea for colds and anti-inflammatory analgesics, these had had no effect. She had body pain, her excretions were normal, her tongue moss was thin and white and her pulse was floating and tight. I gave her Gui Zhi Ma Huang Ge Ban Tang with added flavors.

  • Gui Zhi8gm
  • Bai Shao5gm
  • Xing Ren5 gm
  • Gan Cao5 gm
  • Sheng Jiang5 gm
  • Ma Huang8 gm
  • Da Zao 4 gm
  • Fu Ping9 gm

After the herbs, she had a slight sweat and after two more packages the illness was completely resolved.

Discussion: When someone has a cold for several days and it is not a Shao Yang and or Yang Ming presentation and yet there is a fever with an aversion to cold, sweating, a floating tight pulse, it is appropriate to lightly induce sweat using Gui Zhi Ma Huang Ge Ban Tang.

Translated by: Sharon Weizenbaum

[1] 伤寒论临床应用 The Clinical Application of the Shang Han Lun, 1990, pg 24

Original Chinese:


王占玺医案:刘某,女,26岁,1976年1月5日初诊。感冒已四五日,仍发热恶寒,体温38℃,微汗出,虽经服感冒冲剂及解热镇痛剂不效,身酸 痛,二便正常,苔薄白,脉浮紧。随予桂枝麻黄各半汤加味:桂枝8克,白芍5克,生姜5克 甘草5克,大枣4枚,麻黄8克 杏仁5克,浮萍9克。

NOTE: For further reading on this case and formula, please see Sharon’s introduction, Guizhi mahuang ge ban tang & guizhi er mahuang yi tang

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