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Update: As a few people informed me, there was some problems with the twitter & RSS feed notification system, however I think it has been resolved. Furthermore, while finishing up the final stages of my book I have had little time to post, so for those that  actually may have checked the website recently, I apologize for the lack of activity. However, at the moment I have more time and will resume posting. Please let me know if there is something that interests you. Hope the below posts spur some though…

New Post / article + Recent Posts: For those that might have missed some recent posts:

  1. Some issues in warm disease Three essays from Qin Bo-Wei (秦伯未). Originally published in The Lantern, Volume VIII, Issue:2 — (Australia) (May 2011). The three essays are spereated below, so that if one desires they may post comments on them.
    1. A restructuring of Warm Disease names by Qin Bo-Wei
    2. The issue of newly contracted pathogens and lurking pathogens by Qin Bo-Wei
    3. The relationship between warm disease (温病, wen bing) and cold damage (伤寒, shang han) by Qin-Wei
  2. Case studies:
    1. Duck Butt
    2. Lurking-warmth case study by Liu Bao-Yi (Liu Baoyi) (柳宝诒)
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