Lu (24) [suffered] damage from constraint. Sinews were distended and there was heart pain (epigastric).

gou teng (Uncariae Ramulus cum Uncis)
sheng xiang fu (unprocessed Cyperi Rhizoma)
yu jin (curcuma tuber)
bai ji li (Tribuli Fructus)
mu dan pi (Moutan Cortex)
bo he (Menthae haplocalycis Herba)
chen pi (Citri reticulatae Pericarpium)
fu ling (Poria)

Original case by: Ye Tian-Shi
Translated by: Jason Blalack

Original Chinese: 陆(二四) 郁伤。筋胀心痛。钩藤 生香附 郁金 白蒺藜 丹皮 薄荷 广皮 茯苓

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