There is now a major upgrade in place in regard to your ability to follow individual threads/case studies. There are three options available for RSS feed, all of which can be found on the left sidebar “Subscribe RSS”.

1) You can follow each individual case study without the comments (this was the previous default option – for this click “All Topics”)

2) You can also choose to follow all of the comments to the case studies (click “All Comments”)

3) You can also choose to just follow the comments of a specific case study that you have commented on. For this, click the box under the comment field (where you actually leave your comment) entitled “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail”

Note: In the past, when you received the case study feed you most likely will not have received the comments that follow it. You must click on the title to access the website to view the comments (hence the option to subscribe to “All Comments”). You may want to take a look at previously read case studies and see if there are any interesting comments. I think Sharon, brought up some good questions on the recent Zhu Ling Tang case. I would love to hear what others think.

If you have any problems with these features or have other ideas to make this experience smoother, please let me know.

-Jason Blalack

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