This section contains various essays related to the clinical practice of Chinese medicine.

Classical Dosages: Pandora’s Box

Many practitioners have a desire to practice Chinese medicine in a manner that is congruent with what has been done in the past. That is, many prefer formulas that are time-tested. The formulas from the Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun), written around 1800 years ago, often fall into this category because not only do they form the foundation of herbalism as we know it, but they are [...]

Irritability / vexation (烦 fan) – Shang Han Lun

A brief look at the term irritability / vexation(烦 fan) through the lens of the Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun) by: Jason Blalack In Chinese medicine, our understanding of technical terms shapes our clinical picture and ultimately how we treat. One such term that recently peaked my interest was the term 烦 (fan), translated as vexation (Wiseman) or irritability (Eastland Press). [...]

Site Update + Recent Posts

Update: As a few people informed me, there was some problems with the twitter & RSS feed notification system, however I think it has been resolved. Furthermore, while finishing up the final stages of my book I have had little time to post, so for those that actually may have checked the website recently, I apologize for the lack of activity. However, at the moment I have more time and will [...]

Herbs & the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

By: Charles Chace

The first systematic discussion of the extraordinary vessels in Chinese herbal medicine appears in Li Shizhen’s 李時珍Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qijing bamai Kao 奇經八脈考, circa, 1576).In our forthcoming translation and commentary on this text, Exposition on the Extraordinary Vessels, Acupuncture, Alchemy and Herbal Medicine, [...]

Dong chong xia cao (cordyceps)


There has been recent interest of cordyceps (dong chong xia cao) by some on the newsgroup CHA. I have been using this herb in my clinic for some time and bringing back bags of it from China. Below are some sample formulas that were written on some of these bags. I hope this helps expand one's usage options of cordyceps.1. Clear the Lungs and Stop cough - [...]

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