Dong chong xia cao (cordyceps)

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There has been recent interest of cordyceps (dong chong xia cao)  by some on the newsgroup CHA. I have been using this herb in my clinic for some time and bringing back bags of it from China. Below are some sample formulas that were written on some of these bags. I hope this helps expand one’s usage options of cordyceps.1. Clear the Lungs and Stop cough – Moistens the Lungs, clears heat, and stop cough – xia cao, chuan bei mu, xing ren, sha shen,2. Strengthen the brain and calm the spirit – insomnia, nervous system weakness, abnormal heart rate – xia cao, bai he, long yan rou, gan cao, bai zi ren3. Fortify the lower back and strengthen the Kidneys – frequent nocturia, dizziness, tinnitus, Lower back soreness, bone pain. – xia cao, shan yao, qian shi, du zhong, gou qi zi4. Nourishes the face and darken the hair – easy hair loss, grey complexion, grey hair, many spots / macules – xia cao, he shou wu, gou qi zi, dang gui.5. Increase appetite and strengthen the body – Weak body with many diseases, easy gan mao / cough, poor memory. xia cao 3, shan yao 5, long yan rou 5, gou qi zi 3, qian shi 5,6. Boost the yang and equip the qi (备气) – excessive male nightlife (男性夜生活频多), and need to replenish energy, – xia cao 3, ba ji tian 5g, du zhong 5g, yin yang huo 3g, rou cong rong 5g,7. Regulate the menses and tonify the blood – Woman’s qi and blood deficiency, irregular menses – xia cao 3g, dang gui 5g, gou qi zi 3g, bai zhi 3g.8. Lowers blood pressure and reduces lipds – high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia – xia cao 3, shan zha 5g, du zhong 5g, dan shen 3g, san qi 5g. If interested, Red Pine Chinese Herbs currently has a high quality version of this herb.

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