Yue Mei-Zhong’s case study:

Zhang XX, a 15 year old female, had a fever for more than a half a year. It would reach up to 40c and many formulas were tried with no avail. Moreover, there was a thirst without large fluid intake and urination and bowel movements were normal. There was pale tongue with a yellow coat. There was a fever and aversion to wind, floating and moderate pulse, and occasional sweating. The diagnosis was wind-strike pattern that had not ceased, nutritive and defensive disharmony. Three packets of gui zhi tang were used according to the method and there was a complete cure.

Commentary: Even though there was a high Fever, the thirst was without a large intake of fluids and the urination and bowel movements were normal. One can see that this was not an interior pattern. However, there was an aversion to wind, sweat, and a floating and moderate pulse, confirming an exterior pattern. Therefore the defensive qi was outwardly floating and there was fever. Gui zhi tang was given to save the nutritive and regulate the defensive to eliminate the disease and bring about a cure.

Original Chinese:


岳美中医案:张某某,女,15岁。发热半年余,体温高达40℃,多方治疗无效,且但渴不多饮,二便自调,舌淡苔黄,发热恶风,脉见浮缓,时有汗出,诊为中风证未罢,营卫失和,用桂枝汤3剂,如法服用而痊愈。 (《桂枝汤类方证应用研究》1989:64

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  • Jason Blalack

    “According to the method” (如法 ru fa) refers to the typical shang han lun method of taking gui zhi tang, for example, eating gruel and covering up.

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