Shang Han Case:

Yang, a two and five month-year-old girl, presented with the chief complaint of cough, that had been going on for one month. There was sometimes white and sometimes yellow phlegm, nasal congestion, profuse sweating, fear of wind, reduced food intake, no thirst, and her bowels were not dry. She tried many Chinese and Western treatments without success. Her tongue body was normal and there was a white coat. Her pulse was deep and rapid.

Diagnosis: cough (wind pathogen invading the Lungs, which has started to slightly transform to heat).

Prescription: modified guì zhī tāng (Cinnamon Twig Decoction)

  • guì zhī (Cinnamomi Ramulus)20g
  • chì sháo (Paeoniae Radix rubra)15g
  • shēng jiāng (fresh ginger rhizome)20g
  • dà zǎo (Jujubae Fructus)15g
  • zhì gān cǎo (prepared licorice root)15g
  • zǐ sū gěng (Perillae Caulis)15g
  • qián hú (Peucedani Radix)10g
  • fáng fēng (Saposhnikoviae Radix)10g
  • xì xīn (asarum, Chinese wild ginger)10g
  • cāng ěr zǐ (Xanthii Fructus)8g
  • sāng yè(Mori Folium)15gshén qū (medicated leaven)20g

    She was given three packets to take over three days.

    Follow-up visit: the cough had greatly reduced, the sweat was lessened, and appetite was back to normal, but there was still some nasal congestion with clear runny mucus. The tongue coat was white, and the pulse was deep and not rapid. The previous formula, minus sāng yè(white mulberry leaf) and shén qū (medicated leaven), was given.


    • guì zhī (Cinnamomi Ramulus)20g
    • chì sháo (Paeoniae Radix rubra)20g
    • shēng jiāng (fresh ginger rhizome)30g
    • dà zǎo (Jujubae Fructus)15g
    • zhì gān cǎo (prepared licorice root)15g
    • zǐ sū gěng (Perillae Caulis)15g
    • qián hú (Peucedani Radix)15g
    • fáng fēng(Saposhnikoviae Radix)10
    • xì xīn (asarum, Chinese wild ginger)10
    • cāng ěr zǐ (Xanthii Fructus)8g

    She was given two packets to take over three days and she completely covered.

    Commentary: guì zhï täng (Cinnamon Twig Decoction) is a formula that treats taiyang wind strike and is Zhang Zhong-Jing’s foremost harmonizing formula. It is able to dispel wind and resolve the exterior, harmonize the nutritive and protective, harmonize the yin and yang, and harmonize the exterior and interior.

    This is a case of wind cough, but the pulse was deep and rapid and the cough’s mucus was yellow. The dynamic had already moved to the interior and transformed to heat. Therefore a modified guì zhï täng (Cinnamon Twig Decoction) was given. zǐ sū gěng (Perillae Caulis), qián hú (Peucedani Radix), and fáng fēng (Saposhnikoviae Radix) were added to dispel wind, resolve the exterior, diffuse the Lungs, and stop cough. Xì xīn (asarum, Chinese wild ginger) esters the interior to track down the pathogen as well as diffuse the nasal orifices providing assistance to cāng ěr zǐ (Xanthii Fructus). Sāng yè (Mori Folium) was added to clear the Lungs and release heat.Shén qū (medicated leaven) opens the stomach and increases food intake.

    Source: <经方医案系列>

    Translated by: Jason Blalack

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