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3. Urticaria

Dr. Liu Jingqi[1], July 20, 1982

Ms. Sun, age 45 had an aversion to cold and fever and all over her body she developed large round patches of wind rash. She had had this for over 20 days. Before the illness, she had been out sweating in the rain and after one day she developed the rash. Every day she had 5-6 episodes with itching and heart vexation. She had a calcium injection and oral chlor-trimeton and vitamin C all with no effect. Her facial complexion was sallow and the skin scratch test was positive and her whole body had round patches though it was most profuse on her chest and thorax area. Her tongue was pale with thin moss and her pulse was wiry. This was a presentation of Wind Cold tied up on the exterior though it was inappropriate to drain.The treatment principle was to use pungent warm to penetrate through to the exterior, dredge wind and stop itching.I gave her 6 packages of the following formula:

  • Gui Zhi5 gm
  • Bai Shao3 gm
  • Chao Xing Ren3 gm
  • Zhi Gan Cao3 gm
  • Sheng Jiang3 gm
  • Ma Huang3 gm
  • Da Zao4 gm

Discussion: According to reports, this formula treats contraction of wind cold with itching, a cold and heat illness or a cold that lasts without resolution in which the evil is light with itching.For this it is quite effective.

Translated by: Sharon Weizenbaum

NOTE: For further reading on this case and formula, please see Sharon’s introduction, Guizhi mahuang ge ban tang & guizhi er mahuang yi tang

Original Chinese: 五、风隐疹(荨麻疹)
刘景棋医案:孙某某,女,45岁,1982年7月20日初诊。恶寒发热,全身起大片风团已二十余日。发病前曾汗出冒雨,过一日后即发现全身起大片风团,每日发作五六次,痒甚,心烦。曾注射钙剂,口服扑尔敏、维生素丙等无效。面色苍白,皮肤划痕试验阳性全身敲在大片风团,胸部较多。舌淡苔白,脉弦。辨证:风寒束表不得宣泄。治则:辛温透表,疏风止痒。处方:桂枝5克,白芍3克,生姜3克,炙甘草3克,麻黄3克,大枣4个,炒杏仁3克。 服6剂,临床治愈,随访三个月末复发。

[1] From 经方验, experience with classical formulas, 1987, page 13

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