Distension (FSF #6)

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Case by: Fei Sheng-Fu(费绳甫)

The wife of minister Jin Junhui from Anhui [suffered] from severe distension of the chest and abdomen, which caused painful knotting and lumps. The legs and feet were distended and swollen, there was internal heat with dryness of the mouth, and she was mentally tired and lacked strength. The momentum of this disorder was towards the development of drum-like abdominal distension and previous treatment had been unsuccessful. I examined her pulse, which was deep, thin and slippery. Both qi and yin fluids were deficient. Liver yang ascended carrying damp-heat [with it] to obstruct the qi dynamic and scorch the yin fluids so that their irrigating [function] had been lost. The necessary treatment [strategy] is to build up and nourish qi and yin fluids, combined with clearing the Liver and transforming dampness. Such a strategy is bound to yield results.

  • Ginseng Radix (rén shën) 2.4g
  • Panacis quinquefolii Radix (xï yáng shën)4.5g
  • Ophiopogonis Radix (mài mén döng)9g
  • Poria (fú líng)12g
  • Benincasae Semen (döng guä zî)9g
  • Benincasae Exocarpium (döng guä pí) 9g
  • Kochiae Fructus (dì fü zî)9g
  • Coptidis Rhizoma (huáng lián) 0.3g
  • Evodiae Fructus (wú zhü yú)0.3g
  • Dendrobii Herba (shí hú)9g
  • Gigeriae galli Endothelium corneum (jï nèi jïn)9g
  • fresh Bambusae Caulis in taeniam (zhú rú)3g
  • Citri reticulatae Exocarpium rubrum (jú hóng)3g
  • fresh and prepared Setariae (Oryzae)Fructus germinatus (gû yá)12g each
  • Paeoniae Radix alba (bái sháo)4.5g
  • Toosendan Fructus (chuän liàn zî)4.5g

After 12 prescriptions of the above formula the condition was cured.

Commentary: This case byFei Sheng-Fu matches the pathology of case 5 (cough & panting), with the exception that here the hyperactivity of Liver yang is due to Liver fire resultant from constraint rather than Liver yang. Hence, the strategy requires regulating Liver qi as well as clearing Liver fire. He came to me for examination and treatment because treatment so far had not worked. His pulse was floating and wiry in the right cun position indicating water swelling. The Lungs were unable to afford regular passage through the water ways towards the Bladder so that water qi flowed over transversely into the spaces between the skin and flesh.

** Translated by: Volker Scheid

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