Digestive Disorder w/ High Blood Pressure, Weight Loss, Stress, & Nose Bleeds

I first met Jason in December of 2005 while accompanying my wife to her acupuncture session. She had a large, solid knot on her back that had not responded to traditional medicine or chiropractic treatments. I was curious about the alternative treatment that was effective.
I made an appointment with Jason to address significant stress-related issues that I had. Jason listened carefully and asked many questions. The acupuncture and tea that Jason prescribed had an immediate calming effect. It was not dramatic or miraculous, but it was an improvement. The cumulative effect over the next few weeks was more dramatic. People I had not seen for a month commented on the difference they observed in my demeanor. My family commented on my equanimity, as the stress at my job was increasing but my behavior at home was much calmer.
I had mentioned to Jason that I had experienced persistent diarrhea and nosebleeds for as long as I could remember, and that I had figured this was something I would have to live with. He suggested that might not be the case. He worked for several weeks with different combinations of herbs to address these issues. The nosebleeds stopped within the first 2 weeks. No luck with the digestive disorder, but I had no expectations, as gastroenterologists had not been able to do anything for my disorder. After several weeks, I noticed an improvement. Further adjustments to the combination of herbs by Jason culminated in my reporting essentially normal function after a couple of months. I went in for stress, but relieving what I thought would be a chronic issue was more valuable to me. People who curtail activities depending on the availability of bathrooms may best appreciate the value of the additional freedom that normal intestinal function permits.
There were two notable side effects that in my case I found to be beneficial, others may find them problematic. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 1991. Treatment with enalapril and hydrochlorothiazide controlled my blood pressure to readings in the range of 145/95 to 135/90. At the Safeway where I typically check my blood pressure while shopping, I noticed the readings went to the range of 110/65 to 120/70. For me that is terrific news. I’m not sure if it’s the tea or the acupuncture, but it is a positive development for me and I continue both treatments. The second has to do with weight. I lost over 15 pounds. Considering I was well over 200 pounds at 5’ 10”, it is clearly weight I could afford to lose. Thin people may find such a side effect troubling, but for me it is a positive development.
The most important result has been an increase in my sense of well-being. Since it is difficult to write a testimonial about such an ethereal subject, I choose to focus on the improvement in my digestive issues, as there is a very clear cause-effect relationship between that aspect of my health and the work Jason has done.

-Blane Taylor

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