I came to see Kate after spending 2 months trying to understand what’s happening with my body. I felt tired day after day – as if I am on the verge of getting sick – with sore throat and feeling of congestion in my head. My PCP couldn’t explain what it was, and the only hypothesis she had was that it was an allergy of some sort (in February!), and offered to put me on steroids. I saw two other acupuncturists in Boulder but they didn’t help. Kate spent an hour and a half with me – she had great welcoming attitude and in addition to treating me with needles she mixed individual herbs to relieve congestion in my head. After several visits I started to feel better. Kate continued to fine-tune my herbal supplements and I feel back to normal. I never figured out what it was – altitude affect, some strange virus, sinus congestion or allergies, but I am immensely grateful to Kate for helping my body to fight it off and come back to its healthy state.

-I.J., Boulder, CO

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