Treated in our Boulder office 100s of times of Open Gate Acupuncture.

Headaches are a fairly common complaint that Chinese medicine can treat relatively effectively. Chinese Medicine differentiates headaches into about 10 different types. Your treatment depends are your constitution, severity, length of time you have suffered from the problem, and the Chinese Medical differentiation. This approach aims at uncovering the source of the headache and correcting it versus just finding a solution to stop the pain once it has occurred. There are though many people that specifically call when they are getting a headache, because acupuncture can greatly ameliorate such a situation once it has occurred.

More importantly , though, is to correct the problem. There are many that have come in with chronic headaches / migraines that no longer have the problem or the severity and frequency is greatly diminished.


I suffered for many hears from migraine headaches. After exhausting all conventional medicine and diagnostic testing I turned to acupuncture and Chinese medicine administered by Jason Blalack of Chautauqua Health in Boulder, Colorado. My headaches were of such a nature that when the headache came on I would get great pain in my neck and shoulders. The pain began to interfere with activities of daily life. I tried physical therapy and relaxation medications with no help. Narcotic pain medication would blur the pain but not really relieve the migraines. The new Imitrex type medication were not compatible with my high blood pressure.

Jason was able to relieve my neck and shoulder pain in the very first treatment. He also gave me a tea mixture, which I took and with time and additional acupcunture treatments I was able to completely be free of the debilitating migraines. Today I will occasionally begin to get a migraine but I am able to relieve it with relaxation and ibuprofen. If I occasionally get the neck and shoulder pain a quick trip for a tune up with my wonderful acupuncture therapist will make me comfortable and happy. There are a lot of good therapists but Jason has a great knowledge of both Western medicine and Chinese medicine making him very good at his profession. He is a good listener and thus a good diagnostician. I would recommend Jason to anyone who is frustrated with his or her current treatment and is suffering from a chronic problem.

I am an RN whose father and grandfather were physicians. I feel that Western medicine can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Chinese herbal medication and acupuncture.
-Judie Bevacqua RN

I woke up one morning around 4:00am with a splitting headache. I went in for an acupuncture appointment that afternoon. My headache had not gotten any better and I was feeling quite uncomfortable. After about 20 minutes of acupuncture my headache went from a 7/10 (?) to a 1/10 (?). After I left the office it was gone. It has been two weeks and it has not returned. I am so thankful there are solutions out there that don’t require taking drugs.


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