Many people cannot afford the personalized healthcare they need to heal. After 16 years of focusing on difficult and complex to treat conditions, and seeing extraordinary results with Chinese and Functional Medicine, I have decided to start a fund to help those in need. We are all in this life together and this is one way to help others out. Please consider contributing.

How your donation works:

  1. I will match whatever amount you donate.

  2. Your name will be posted on my donor page.

Donation Incentives:

$50-$107 $10 off your next visit
$108 $15 off your next visit.
$109-$299 $30 off your next visit
$300-$499 1 free visit
$500+ 2 free visits


How your money is used:

In most situations, your contribution will go to reducing treatment costs from 50-80%. Although I have treated many people for free over the years, it seems that free treatments hold less value. Nonetheless, in absolute need, 100% reduction will be offered.

Do you know someone in need?

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please have them send me a message. I am requiring an in-person / Skype interview or written informal application, describing their health and financial needs.

Use this as a healing strategy for yourself

This idea emerged when a patient and I had an agreement to participate in a certain healing strategy. If she did not participate daily, she would contribute to this fund. I have a check now, and she is thankful for that process and helped me brainstorm this project. I want all my patients to succeed in their health goals, however sometimes it takes an accountability with an incentive, and money is one of the best. Feel free to create your own or talk to me and we can create one together.

Transparency of Funds and Growing Project.

My desire is to create a larger project for such services including other practitioners etc. I am also aware that some might feel nervous just handing over a check. Until a larger fund and project emerges I will keep ALL donors up-to-date on the fund and its uses via periodic emails. If any of you have deeper knowledge on how to create more transparency, fine-tune my above ideas, or grow the project I would love to hear ideas.

If you have any questions please ask and thanks for considering donating,

-Jason Blalack


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