I first met Jason when I had a severe cough and bronchial infection. I had tried antibiotics and nothing had changed. It had been going on for more than 4 weeks. This was my normal pattern. I would get a cold and I could not get rid of it. It would sometimes last three months. After one acupuncture treatment and taking Chinese herbs for about 1 week, I was back to about 85%. After the acupuncture I felt almost immediately my chest open up and I could breath, I was quite impressed. After another week, some more herbs, and another acupuncture treatment, I was back to 100%. I remained on herbs for another 2 months to strengthen my overall immune system, and now I get colds much less frequently. When I do feel like I am getting a cold, I call Jason, and we start herbs and acupuncture right away. It never progresses to a point where I need antibiotics or feel very sick. Usually we can prevent things from even getting to a point where I feel sick! I am so thankful I found Chinese Medicine and especially Jason. He is a very thorough and intelligent practitioner who really cares for his patients.


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