Hi, Kate,

Just a quick note to give you a bit of post-appointment information.

The pain I often experience in the lower back area (right side) has been diminished to nearly no pain since my appointment, and continues to be good today (Monday).

The lymphedema symptoms in my right ankle area were less through Sunday, even a bit better on Monday, in that there appeared to be much less swelling caused by the pooling of lymphatic fluids in the right ankle area, and a generally more normal looking lower leg and ankle area. I appreciate your research that indicated acupuncture treatment for this leg would be appropriate…

The general calm, tranquil feeling that is often a post-appointment benefit is always very welcome.

I have been taking the herbs and want to continue to do so…

Thanks very much for the extra time on Saturday. Your diligent, compassionate professionalism is greatly appreciated and inspirational–if you care enough to be so hard-working and thorough about your patients’ health, it would be an injustice for your patients to take their own health less seriously.

Best regards,


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