As an Alternative Medical Practitioner, Why I Got the Vaccine

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Many people have asked me what I think about the COVID-19 vaccine, and are often surprised when I tell them that I got the jab. I have friends and clients on both sides of this issue and respect everyone’s right to do what they think is best for their health.  Here are a few thoughts for why I made the choice that I did.

First, I am an established medical practitioner in full-time practice for 20 years. This puts me in a unique position of seeing lots of patients, witnessing their experiences, hearing the stories of people in their lives. For quite a while I was resistant to the vaccine mainly because I wanted to wait and see. In early spring I changed my mind. Of course, I don’t like the idea of putting something foreign in my body. However, after deep consideration I made the choice for myself and other’s I come into contact with. I chose Pfizer because of low side-effects and high protection rate. Here are some key points that informed my decision.

  • In my clinic, I have seen many healthy young patients (age 30-50) that have gotten COVID and suffer all sorts of long term complications, such as, vascular problems, depression and suicidal tendencies, serious fatigue, brain fog, & respiratory problems. Many never had these symptoms prior. Long-haul symptoms are well documented elsewhere. These more nebulous symptoms, which often are not reported, are left out of many discussions that just center around mortality.
  • In contrast, long-term vaccine side-effects, are much smaller in comparison. There have been some serious symptoms like blood clots, and even death with the J&J vaccine (88 deaths as of May 7th from over 8 million doses (4-24-21)). Nonetheless, I am not really seeing long-term issues in my clinic and have a ton of patients that have received the vaccine, many of which are elderly and weaker. Statistics also show a low number of side-effects.
  • COVID-19 VaccineIn the end, we are rolling the dice either way. You could have a side effect from the vaccine, or you could get covid and who knows what will happen. It is about risk vs. benefit for myself and the population. Compare the above 88 deaths rate with the COVID virus fatality rate of 1.8%. Consider the documented long-haul symptoms of the VIRUS vs. the “possible” side-effects that “may happen” from the vaccine. Thus there is much larger chance of complications or death getting COVID vs. the vaccine. Also, transmission rates dramatically decrease if you are vaccinated, so I have less chance of giving it to others. I see many healthy people that are not afraid of the virus, and I honor their belief system and strength. But it also seems selfish when they go around without masks etc., – because the reality is that they can get it (and have only mild symptoms) and then give it to less robust individuals. Herd immunity is also a very real concept (takes about 93%), and people that refuse to get the vaccine are slowing that down while benefitting from all of us that have gotten it.

In the end, I personally felt I would be okay with COVID or the vaccine, I have a strong immune system. So although I have little fear around this issue, you never know. We now have seen super athletes, not just people with underlying conditions, get taken down. In addition, myself aside, it is best to protect my patients and people around me. I would feel horrible if because of my selfishness I got someone sick and they developed long term complications or even death.

There is a bigger issue for all of us to consider, centering around “personal freedom” and the collective good. I think we should look at China, which has extremely low rates, because they value the collective much more and take this stuff seriously. And yes I do know people there that verify that they are not just suppressing data. It is pretty much nonexistent because they wear masks and social distant. Which begs the question of a deeper lesson for all of us to consider – where is our choice really coming from? Is it an adolescent stance of rebellion, care for others, or actual science? If we are all connected, and we are moving towards more unity consciousness, what happens to others around us, happens to us. We have more responsibility than just our own self, in my humble opinion. Can we feel what is happening to India? That is very real.

Also, I do not give much thought to what possibly might happen from the vaccine. Side-effects happen quick, not years later. Data is showing little concern. Without actual science and data I do not want to come from fear. I certainly do not believe there is a microchip in the vaccine, or that it is plot to thin the herd / weaken us, or other control conspiracy theories. I choose to believe that the tens of thousands of scientists, epidemiologists, and doctors all over the world involved in vaccine research and distribution are here in service of good to help humanity, as am I.

The Majority of the Most Medically Educated People are Getting the Vaccine. 

A recent pole showed that “Out of nearly 3,000 physician respondents, 95% said that they had either already received or planned to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Another source says 90% of physicians have received the vaccine. ” In Colorado 90% of health care workers are vaccinated as of Feb. Let me say this kindly. These are the some of the brightest people in the country, especially in regards to medicine. Please consider this when comparing medical information to information coming from social media or some “doctor” with an agenda on youtube. I am very discerning with medical data and research around this topic, and have spent a ton of time researching it, and I am happy to talk in detail about this with you if you desire.

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