After many years of not smoking, I started again. I had gone through some stressful times with my own health and then was helping my mother through a serious illness. One day I just bought a pack of cigarettes and started again. Even though I was only smoking 3-4 cigarettes a day I couldn’t seem to stop. I caught a cold and couldn’t get rid of a cough and the mucous in my system. Finally, although very embarrassed and disappointed in myself I told my Chinese Practitioner about my habit. I started acupuncture treatments and also took Chinese herbs. He was not only optimistic that he could help but also very compassionate. I went for treatments several times a week. The acup8nture definitely helped the cravings to smoke, and I left the sessions feeling more confident and relaxed. Several times, Jason, my Chinese doctor, put acupuncture ‘seeds’ in my ears. When I was at home and felt the urge to smoke I just pushed on them and they helped relieve the urge that I felt. The combination of the treatments Jason did, along with the amazing support and confidence [he had] in me led to success. I quit! If I ever feel like I am getting close to starting again I will call him and get help before I start again. I am truly grateful to him.

– Wendy

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