I’m now successfully coming off of my anti-depressant


Before I started seeing Jason, I’d been saying I wanted a spiritual teacher. So when I went to see Jason for an issue I was having with my ear, it came as a surprise to me that he sort of became my spiritual teacher and has been instrumental in me coming out of a major bout of depression/anxiety. Read More

The needles and our weekly talks have helped me calm down my nervous system enough that I’m now successfully coming off of my anti-depressant, Remeron. He taught me a different meaning of meditation and how to use it in my life. He taught me about the “second arrow” in Buddhism, which is the feeling or thought you have after experiencing an emotion. For instance, feeling guilty or frustrated about having anxiety about something. I realized I was doing that all the time to myself and Jason helped me realize it was unnecessary and I could just let it go. Honestly, he’s helped me love, forgive, and accept myself for maybe the first time in my life. And I’ve been to a lot of therapists over the last 2 years, so that’s saying a lot! Besides that, though, he helped put my shoulder back together, which I was fully planning on having surgery on. And when I’ve had other tweaks and pains (I’m a rock climber), he’s helped them go away quickly. My period has changed for the better since I started seeing him, and I’ve only been having a fraction of the amount of breast pain I used to have before my period. But most of all, I have a lot of really good days now where I don’t have intense anxiety, and I can attribute that very much to Jason’s guidance, encouragement, and acupuncture. So thank you for that, Jason. I’d recommend you to anyone.

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