I came into Jason around week 33 of my pregnancy. I was diagnosed by my Ob/GYN with an ultrasound as having placenta previa.  I felt fairly healthy but was very tired.  I was unsure what Chinese medicine could do and Jason explained to me the possible solutions.  I came in for 3 acupuncture treatments and drank some Chinese herbs and went in for another Ultrasound, and the placenta previa was normal.  I was so thankful, but then I was informed that I had a breech baby.  Jason told me that Chinese medicine has a great track for breech baby and we once again started with just acupuncture and moxa.  I came in every 2 days and was instructed on how to do the moxa myself at home.  On the 3rd visit we felt the baby turn right during the treatment.  Jason instructed me to go get an immediate ultrasound.  The baby had turned.  I delivered a healthy baby boy with no complications.  I am so thankful for Jason’s warm approach.


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