This section contains some basic tools and articles that can aid in translating medical Chinese into English. Also included are the current Eastland Press and Wiseman glosses, articles discussing translation, and some Chinese medical texts (classical and pre-modern). If you are interested in translational practice, consider looking at the Case Study section. Most of the case studies have the Chinese included, and generally speaking are relatively easy to follow. If part of the translation is unclear (or just incorrect), please feel free to ask questions (or suggest a better translation).

Tools & Resource Files:

Pinyin-Pharmaceutical Name-Chinese Character cross reference for Chinese herbs

Pinyin-Pharmaceutical Name- English- Traditional Characters- Simplified Characters (PDF) (Eastland Press)

Eastland Press’s Book title translations (Chinese texts) Draft (PDF) – (Eastland Press)

Terminology & Glosses

Eastland Press’s 2008 Gloss – (Draft) (PDF)

Wiseman’s Electronic Dictionary of Chinese Medical Terms. (English – pinyin – Chinese characters) – (PDF)

Eastland Press and Practical Dictionary cross reference Sheet – Compiled by Eric Brand

WHO Terminlogy Gloss June 2007 (PDF)

Position Paper on Chinese Medical Transaltion: Toward a Working Methodology for Translating Chinese Medicine By Dan Bensky, Jason Blalack, Charles Chace, and Craig Mitchell (2006) Reprinted from The Lantern Volume 3 No. 3 (2006). (2MB) * Also Appeared in the AAOM Fall 2006 issue (p. 51-60).


Add tones to your pinyin (word macro)

Chart of pinyin conversion from/to Wade-Giles

How to pronounce pinyin

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