Dear Kate,

First of all it was a pleasure to meet you… You are a genuinely concerned, caring and gentle practitioner and I enjoyed our session together.

I was evaluated at the fibromyalgia clinic at Mayo Clinic/Rochester in 2009 and one of the recommendations of Dr. Vincent, the primary physician in that clinic was that eight to ten sessions of acupuncture might be beneficial. Since I knew so little about acupuncture but was intrigued by her strong suggestion that I investigate this and set up a series of treatments, I had intended to do so but unfortunately some family and personal circumstances seemed to take priority and I’m afraid that I did not follow through on her recommendations.

I mentioned this to Scott, one of your clients and he gave me the link to your web site. I read it with great interest and when Scott asked me if I would like to have an appointment with you I was very enthused about the idea. And I am so grateful to Scott for giving me this time with you as a ‘gift’ for which I will be always grateful.

My time with you was instructive but also a time of sharing concerns and various factors contributing to my experience of tension and a feeling of tightness and stress in my jaw, occipital region of my skull, neck, upper shoulders and upper back which seem to have tried to compensate for my stress fracture at the L4 vertebra. Additionally I have a great deal of muscle fatigue, aching and weakness.

The experience I had with the Japanese acupuncture was blissful, relaxing and yet physically exhilarating – a kind of release – and I want to thank you for providing that experience for me. It served as a wonderful introduction to acupuncture, and I am going to speak to my primary care provider at my appointment in September to see if he can refer me to an acupuncturist within the Mayo Health System.

Again thank you so very much for everything. Your other suggestions were also intriguing and I will pursue them as I am able.


-Brenda H. Mankato, Minnesota

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