After the consultation you will receive the actual herbal prescription (names of herbs) that you can fill wherever you like. For those that do not have this option, we can mail it to you. General options and prices are below.

Prices may vary slightly if expensive herbs are needed, please inquirChinese Herbs in Boulder, Coloradoe for an exact quote. Estimated prices are for one week.

A. Bulk herbs – Herbs you cook into a tea and drink (~$25.50)

B. Granular herbs – An extracted powdered version you stir into hot water (~$24.5)

C. Capsules of granular herbs (~$35)

* Prices do not include shipping.

If you have questions about the difference between bulk herbs (tea /liquid decoction) and granular herbs, or about the quality control of our herbs, please do not hesitate to ask!

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