Treatment Style


My acupuncture style is a combination of Japanese and Chinese needle techniques. I use both Chinese and Japanese style needles, although, the majority of my needling is shallow insertion with very thin Japanese needles. A light energetic style practice is used with most internal medicine patients and sensitive patients with muscular skeletal complaints.

Classical & modern acupuncture approaches are used to balance the channels bringing harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. This not only alleviates symptoms and complaints, but also treats the root level of the problem. Furthermore, acupuncture’s  ability to reduce one’s fight or flight response has a direct effect on healing.  Stress reduction in and of itself can allow the body to let go of blockages obstructing the body’s natural healing process. Although acupuncture can do SO much more.

For musculoskeletal disorders Jason uses a integration of Chinese acupuncture and Western anatomical approaches (based on trigger and motor points) to create a manual firing and resetting of the muscle. This can instantly release tight muscles. Often he will use thicker Chinese-style needles for the more athletic patients, getting. These complaints usually surround some group of muscles that are in spasm creating stagnation and various other mechanical problems (i.e. tendinitis, ligament and meniscus injuries, decreased ROM, etc).

Most internal complaints, though, require herbs for full relief.

Herbal Medicine

First, Chinese herbal medicine is no easy thing too master and unfortunately, there are a large number of practitioners that have inadequate training and prescribe medicinals. Well aware of this, Jason has made an extra effort to excel in herbal medicine and has made it a cornerstone of his practice, as well as life passion. Consequently, he is currently finishing a clinical book on the topic.

In practice, Jason uses bulk herbs and writes individualized formulas, specific for a patent’s disease and underlying condition. After the initial complaint has been diminished, the root cause is then addressed more fully to consolidate the treatment. Historically, this is what all master herbalists have done and is most effective clinically. See: What are bulk herbs, and what are the differences between them and other delivery methods.)

Philosophy: Preventative medicine.

Chinese Medicine has a long history of preventive medicine. In the first classical Medical text it says, “You can’t build a well once you are thirsty.” Because of this focus, Chinese Medicine has a great ability to prevent disease, as well as diagnosis and treat problems long before they manifest into some serious Western disease. Jason pays particular attention to early warning signs based on the tongue, pulse, and symptomatology to help eliminate developing pathological patterns. Coupled with functional medicine, these two form a solid foundation for preventative medicine as well as what many call anti-aging medicine.

Serious and Complex Health Issues:

Unfortunately sometimes we are faced with a serious disease process that has left us with an undesired quality of life. I am often asked what Chinese medicine can do for these kinds of conditions. I am always hesitant to use the word “cure” although sometimes this does happen. More realistically, Chinese medicine can many times offer an increased quality and quantity of life. This may be from directly putting the disease into remission, or merely a result of reducing the need for pharmaceuticals, and decreasing side-effects from current drugs.. Although every situation is individual and must be evaluated on a case by case basis, there are some generalities that exist based on my personal experience of treating certain disease states. Please feel free to e-mail or call with questions.

After reversing a serious health issue myself, now 15+ years ago, I not only understand what it takes to turnaround such a condition, but the psychological burdens, as well as possible physical limitations, that can accompany the condition. Consequently, I have made it my life goal to help people in such situations. Fortunately,  if a serious disease has emerged, Chinese Medicine has many tools to address it. Most important is Chinese medicine’s ability to support the body’s natural ability to fight disease. This is a major distinguishing factor between Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

I also incorporate Western alternative therapies including alternative diagnostic testing, nutritional supplements, and dietary regimens. Click HERE for more details.

Other modalities that I use include:

* Cupping

* GuaSha

* Moxibustion

* External application of Chinese herbal liniments and poultices.

* Western supplements and therapies

Please email me if you have further questions, I will be happy to explain things in more detail if needed.