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Jason BlalackJason specializes in difficult to treat conditions using various modalities in Chinese medicine and Western alternative medicine. He practices in Boulder, Colorado, and currently has a special interest in the following:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (i.e. food sensitivities, IBS, Crohn’s, etc),
  • Woman’s disorders (e.g. menstrual irregularities, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, etc),
  • Autoimmune disorders (celiac, Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, etc)
  • Endocrine disorders (thyroid, adrenal etc)
  • Dermatology (e.g. psoriasis, eczema,  acne, urticaria, contact dermatitis, etc)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Detoxification

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He focuses on customizing treatments for the individual, as well as the disease or complaint. This results in a herbal formula (usually bulk herbs) that is written specifically for you as well as individualized acupuncture based on your presentation at that moment in time. Your treatments are then modified as you change and heal.

Jason is a sensitive, caring healer, who always listens to me. He has a vast wealth of knowledge of Chinese, as well as other types of alternative and mainstream medical information. He is professional in every sense of the word, and dedicated to continuing his own education to help his patients in every way possible.” – Terry

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Jason also utilizes a very gentle acupuncture approach and has treated many who have been extremely scared of needles and now tolerate acupuncture very well. For those that cannot tolerate needles, or do not want them, as in the case of some children, Jason also practices a non-insertion type of acupuncture that is PAINLESS.

Education & Experience

Jason has 8 years of formal training in Alternative/ Complimentary Medicine. He graduated from PCOM (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine) in San Diego, with a 4 year Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. This renowned program covered a large array of oriental healing arts with a primary focus on Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. It also integrated a fair amount of Western Medicine  allowing for a nice integrative approach for modern day problems. Previous to this, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine from the Union Institute in Cincinnati.

He currently works at Good Earth Acupuncture in Boulder, Colorado. He is the author of the acclaimed herbal text, Qin Bo-wei’s 56 Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions. He occasionally lectures, teaching material from his book and other topics. In the past he has taught classes and was a clinical supervisor at two local Chinese medicine colleges. He is licensed in Colorado, California, and has passed both the national and California boards.

Jason integrates his passion for healing and Chinese culture into his practice. His qi-gong practice as well as his study of classical Chinese medical and philosophical texts helps ground his incorporation of modern Chinese and Western research.

Post graduate training and involvement

  • Toyohari Advanced Japanese painless, non-insertion energetic acupuncture.
  • Studied in China and Taiwan numerous times in multiple clinics and hospitals.
  • Jason is also actively involved in translating Chinese medical texts & journal articles to further his understanding of medicine to better serve his patients and the Chinese medical community. He has numerous articles and translations published in professional medical journals such as, the The Lantern, The Journal of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine Times, RCHM Journal, and on the web.
  • Jason’s book is based on translated material and oral transmission from his teacher in China, Dr. Wu Bo-Ping. It documents the clinical practice of Dr. Wu and the clinical methods of his teacher, Qin Bo-Wei, one of the most celebrated physicians of the 20th century.
  • Has an ongoing relationship and mentorship with Dr. Wu (China) who specializes in autoimmune disorders and complicated skin conditions (Dermatology). He travels twice a year to study with him.
  • Jason has been studying functional medicine (or alternative Western medicine for 18 years, starting with an undergraduate degree in alternative medicine and recent courses in subjects such as, advanced immunology and endocrinology courses. He is also moderator and owner of one of the most active functional medicine support groups for licensed professionals on the internet.


Jason &amp; 87 year-old Yang Shao-Shan, nicknamed "The Panda" (Hangzhou, China)

87 year-old Yang Shao-Shan nicknamed "The Panda" & Jason, (Hangzhou, China)

Wu Bo-Ping & Jason (Hangzhou, China, 2007)

Wu Bo-Ping & Jason (Hangzhou, China, 2007)










Treatment Modalities

For more information of Jason’s treatment style (acupuncture, herbs, lab testing, supplements).

When a physician devotes all his abilities to treatment, there is no disease under the sun he could not cure. If the disease is not cured, in my opinion this is due to the physician not having devoted all his abilities to the treatment (Cao Renbai – Famous Pre-modern Physician).”