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Feb 15, 2018 with 0 comments

Did you know that Chinese medicine is amazing at treating colds and flu? It has an extensive history (2000+ years) and numerous strategies for every stage of development, ranging from prevention to beginning stages, to full-blown bed-ridden attacks.

I recommend my clients come in or call when exposed or showing the first signs so as to prevent the cold/flu. If you are already showing signs, acupuncture and herbs will shorten the course in the majority of cases if not fully turn it around within 24 hours.

Feb 07, 2018 with 0 comments

Many people cannot afford the personalized healthcare they need to heal. After 16 years of focusing on difficult and complex to treat conditions, and seeing extraordinary results with Chinese and Functional Medicine, I have decided to start a fund to help those in need. We are all in this life together and this is one way to help others out. Please consider contributing.

Apr 21, 2017 with 7 comments

Functional medicine is essentially “alternative” Western medicine, based on the same disease and physiological model and uses scientific research to inform clinical decisions. However, functional medicine differs in three major ways:

1. More holistic / individualized medicine

2. Uses cutting-edge research…


Nov 30, 2016 with 4 comments

I want to share one of the most useful and inexpensive tests that you can order yourself to improve your gut health. As many of you know, gut health is a major interest for me. This is not only because it is a major factor in a large percentage of diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, but because improving gut health leads to greater vitality and health.

Sep 08, 2016 with 10 comments

Prebiotics are the food that grows and sustains the good bacterial colonies. In my clinic, I almost always recommend prebiotics to clients when trying to increase good bacteria in the gut; sometimes, I recommend prebiotics instead of probiotics.” Why?  Research has shown that once we stop taking a probiotic, the number of good bacteria inevitably returns to […]

Apr 06, 2016 with 102 comments

Learn how to choose the correct probiotic for your body by understanding key issues and reading the labels, to avoid useless products. Learn about the below three points to further increase your vitality and health.
1. Strain matters! Difference between strain vs. species
2. Pick the correct strain for your condition
3. Seeing Through Marketing Deception

Dec 05, 2015 with 11 comments

Learn to prevent and treat colds and flu. Examine commonly sold products such as, Cold Snap, Cold Quell etc. Learn the basic principles and understand the difference between Western and Chinese medicine. Look at basic food treatments and issues with antibiotics. I have treated 100s of patients successfully and feel Chinese medicine is one the best options available for colds and flu.

Oct 30, 2015 with 0 comments

Acupuncture Point Names reflecting Deeper Levels of Healing 

The new name better reflects Jason’s evolving orientation as an holistic doctor. In short, it is an invitation to open one’s gates, unlocking blockages, leading to greater health, transformation, and growth.

Many ancient acupuncture point names contain the word gate. For example, The Cloud Gate, Spirit Gate, Dark Gate, Inner / Outer Gate, Gate of Abundance, Surging Gate – to name a few. Gates are openings, or relate to opening and closing, and a place where qi (energy) enters and leaves.
Some gates, such as the Uterine Gate

Dec 04, 2014 with 6 comments

Article & case record by: Jason Blalack

Boulder, Colorado

Western medicine has little to offer in the treatment of colds and flu and antibiotics, as controversial as they are, are often the primary treatment available. In contrast, Chinese medicine is very effective at treating colds and flu, thereby avoiding the many complications that can accompany antibiotic treatment such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, superinfections, antibiotic resistance, etc.

Below I present a brief summary of a medical case from my clinical practice in Boulder, Colorado highlighting the value of Chinese medicine’s treatment for common cold and flu where Western medicine failed …

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A good friend and colleague has just released an exceptional book. Ancent Wisdom, Modern Kitchen, Chock-full of recipes utilizing Chinese medicine dietary concepts. Below is a sample recipe that you can try.

The Color Purple Yam Dessert Recipe

While Chinese mountain yam (Dioscorea opposita) is a key herb in traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Yuan Wang, co-author of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life (Da Capo Lifelong Books, March 2010), notes that other types of yam have also become popular in East Asia to promote health. These include the purple yam (Dioscorea alata …