Our Pharmacy: Chautauqua Apothecary

Our clinic houses the largest and most active Chinese herbal pharmacy in Boulder, Colorado, and one of the largest and most complete pharmacies in the nation. Our Chinese herbs are purchased directly from highly regarded sources both here in the U.S. as well as from China. Please read about our quality control standards.

…we pride ourselves on having the freshest and most vibrant herbs possible to aid in your healing.”

Our Chinese Herbs

We have 500 carefully sourced raw herbs in stock at all times, enabling us to make customized formulas for our patients. Because of our high volume and fast turnover, as well as our careful selection of medicinals, we have very fresh and vibrant herbs to aid in your healing. We do not sell raw herbs, patent medicinals/tea pills of uncertain origin, nor do we use any endangered or prohibited medicinals. We routinely bring back specialized and high-end medicinals from China that are unavailable here in the States. Please see our quality assurance section to better understand why our herbs are the highest quality in the West.


Our on-staff pharmacists can usually have your herbs ready by the end of your appointment, making your healing experience also time efficient. We also have an extensive selection of extracted granular medicinals for patients that are unable to cook their own herbs.


In additional to our complete Chinese herbal pharmacy, our clinic carries a wide selection of the highest quality nutritional supplements available. Supplements are generally unregulated in the U.S. and therefore there are considerable differences in quality between companies. For example, a typical health food store powdered CoQ10 product has about an 1-2% absorption rate, in contrast, the CoQ10 we carry has about a 12-15% absorption rate.

We carry brands that verify their ingredients by third-party manufacturers, which is quite a rare occurrence in the field. Therefore, we are quite certain as to what is in each bottle. Consequently, we find drastically improved clinical results when compared to average brands that many of our patients previously had purchased. Therefore, we recommend only purchasing products that have been personally verified or recommended from a trusted health care practitioner, as opposed to (generally inferior) health food store products or recommendations.